Synoptic Subject: Researching Politics and International Relations - Essay Example

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The paper focuses on the ethical considerations that are inherent in the research process. To this end, the paper would look at some universal elements of politics and international…
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Synoptic Essay Subject: Researching Politics and International Relations
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Download file to see previous pages Ethics allows an individual to act in a way and manner that satisfy all the needs and expectations of stakeholders2. The implication of ethics is that it provides a framework of conduct which integrates all the views and needs of all classes of stakeholders. Ethics guides the conduct and ensure that what all affected persons expect are done in the right way and manner.
A research in international relations is meant to provide a systematic enquiry into a given topic or subject3. This means that in international relations and politics, research might be conducted by way of using systematic methods and approaches to look into a given matter or problem. This provides a reliable and credible conclusion which would be used to make further decisions or formulate an opinion of a matter.
Jonker and Pennick identify that in order to carry out a systematic research in international relations and politics, a real life problem needs to be examined and critiqued by the researcher. Through the research problem, the researcher would be able to formulate practical research questions and define a methodology or the completion of the research.
However, there are some risks in taking up research which could harm the credibility or the reliability of the results and findings. This is because when people perceive that there are some structural issues or inappropriateness in conducting the research, the findings would not be taken seriously and it would not be ideal to rely on the information for decision making.
There are many important elements and structures of ethics and ethical consideration in international relations this ranges from a number of situations and elements that need attention. Ethics define the scope of research and the analysis of information in the field of international relations and politics. They are used to provide the framework for the operation of research work and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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