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Ethics in the Business Research and Reporting Process Name Instructor Institution Course Introduction Ethical considerations in business research and reporting have been gaining currency in recent times. Most corporations today acknowledge that an adherence to ethics in research and reporting is part of their corporate responsibility apart from enhancing their image…
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Ethics in the Business Research and Reporting Process
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Download file to see previous pages Ethical Concerns in Business Research and Reporting Plagiarism Business research and reporting, calls for no condoning of plagiarism since it effects badly on the integrity of the business. Plagiarism in business research may include previous reviews, historical researches, methodological and even interpretations of other previous researchers. Every research conducted in business that uses ideas from previous research must acknowledge the source properly. Tenbrunsel and Messick argue that if research is conducted by a group it is unethical for one person to claim responsibility for the finished product. All members who participated in a research should be accorded proper acknowledgement wherever practical (1996). Misuse of Privileged Information In the course of undertaking business research and reporting, the researcher usually comes into contact with privileged information. The use of privileged information may take the form of plagiarism; for instance when information concerning proposals for grant applications is not kept in confidence by a researcher, or when an editor does not keep draft manuscripts in confidence which may preempt rights of first publication. Such actions may end up depriving the originator of the idea of due acknowledgement and profit. The breaching of confidentiality by a researcher is a serious matter as it may expose the researcher to legal obligations of intellectual theft if the information is subsequently used by unauthorized entities (Pimple, 2008). Data Management There are various ethical issues under data management which the business researcher has to adhere to such as; the integrity of data; the use or misuse of data; access and ownership to data and retention and storage of data. The significance of ensuring the integrity of data cannot be overstated. The giving of false or fabricated data is a serious breach of the ethical standards in business research and reporting. The business researcher will be held accountable for any findings presented which leads to erroneous decision making. The researcher should not release findings which are yet to be confirmed until he has confirmed them. It is the responsibility of the researcher to maintain clear record of his research which would enable a validation of the research conducted (Farell & Fraedrich, 2011). As such the researcher must store his research in a manner which enables other people to easily access it for review. A researcher who errs in the representation of material unknowingly is however exempted from liability unless reckless misconduct can be proved. A good example is a researcher who is supposed to interview 17 people in a firm, he has interviewed 13 but he is wary of getting late for his plane leaving for a holiday in Hawaii. He makes his conclusions based on the 13 which is a breach as the information is potentially misleading. Concerning the use and misuse of data, it is important for the researcher to acquaint himself with the relevant research methodology and use it in the right way. Ethical standards in reporting and research require that all information that is relevant be included in the final analysis. Disregard of any information should be explained if liability for gross misconduct is to be avoided. Any changes in methodology or protocol in an ongoing research must be sanctioned by management and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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