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Professional Ethics in AIS Services - Research Paper Example

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The following research paper highlights that accounting Information Systems (AIS) combines modern information technology resources with the accounting study and practice. AIS facilitate the collection, processing, and storage of accounting and related data…
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Professional Ethics in AIS Services
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Extract of sample "Professional Ethics in AIS Services"

Download file to see previous pages The first component is the information technology infrastructure comprising of systems and devices that facilitate AIS to perform and operate its functions. The second component is people who operate the AIS. The third component is data relating to the business processes within an organization. Another component is internal security and controls measure that the organization has to implement in order to protect the data. Additionally, software is a major component that provides an application that allows for data processing.
Lastly, procedures and instructions are AIS component that entails data collection, management, and storage processes. AIS play a very critical role in providing the organizational management and external parties with financial accounting information that enables them to make decisions. However, due to the importance and its impacts of this system in organizations and other interested parties, there are serious ethical issues that have been raised relating to it. There are fears that sometimes the management of the reporting organization may alter the information to achieve certain ends. Also, there are concerns that the AIS of an organization can be interfered with by persons with an ulterior motive (Hall, 2008). It is for these reasons that ethics is very critical in AIS. This paper will delineate professional ethics for AIS services, particularly of CPA firms, analyze these ethics including changes made by the Sarbanes- Oxley Act, and make a summary and conclusion regarding the same.
Just like in professions such as medicine and law, accounting profession demands that competent practitioners should solve their work-related problems through their professional judgment and application of strong ethical standards (Love, 2008). Since the problems that the accountants encounter in the course of their practice are often unique in specific circumstances and complex, it is necessary that a high level of integrity and professional ethics be observed.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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