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ETHICS (Response to a Case Study Dilemma in an Information & Technology Organisation) - Essay Example

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But as, code is defined as “a statement of policies, principles or rules that guide behavior” (Koontz & Weihrich 45) and ethics as “the analysis and…
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ETHICS (Response to a Case Study Dilemma in an Information & Technology Organisation)
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"ETHICS (Response to a Case Study Dilemma in an Information & Technology Organisation)"

Download file to see previous pages And as, organizations requires order, and as, every organization faces its own ethical problems, having a well-defined code of ethics is more than important to safeguard the organization against unethical practices detrimental to the organization’s reputation and services (Heermance 1). This is so because code of ethics set the tone for the expected company’s behavior as, “it outlines uniform policies, standards and punishments for violations” (Pride, Hughes, & Kapoor 45), thereby guiding organizations in dealing with and judging “situations not specifically covered in written instructions” (Canton 13). These make code of ethics more than important to the organization as it ensures order in and secures the organization.
In business, not all gifts are pleasant and safe to receive as, these can be sources of ethical issues, specifically conflict of interest – “occurs when a person’s or organization’s obligation to act in the interest of another is interested with by a competing interest that may obstruct the fulfillment of that obligation” (Crane & Matten 366) as illustrated in the case under review. Here, the stakeholders – the owner of a small printing business unexpectedly received a parcel containing 12 bottles of expensive scotch whisky in the mail from the manager of the business’s biggest contract delivery company, two weeks before New Year, yet a few weeks before the expiration of their contract. First, although gift giving is generally an act of goodwill, it is also a bribe. In this case, factors drawing the line between goodwill and bribe such as the relationship of the giver to the receiver, the timing, the costs, and the manner of delivery, indicate that the gift is meant to gain (Roa 106) the owner’s choice of Delivery Company in favor of the gift-giver as against other applicants. In this light, acceptance of this gift ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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ETHICS (Response to a Case Study Dilemma in an Information & Essay.
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