Ethical Principles of Profit versus Non-Profit Organization: Starbucks and YMCA - Research Paper Example

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The paper contains an intensive analysis of the main problems that are associated with business ethics in non-profit organizations YMCA and profit-making organizations Starbucks. The author states that both organizations have different ethical principles that guide their daily business operations…
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Ethical Principles of Profit versus Non-Profit Organization: Starbucks and YMCA
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Download file to see previous pages Business ethics are shaped by the organization's culture and leadership structure within an organization. Strict adherence to business ethics is a prerequisite of any organization’s long term prosperity. In usual circumstances, apposite implementation an organization’s ethical strategies foster viable relationships with customers and other stakeholders leading to long term profitability. Although the establishment of an effective business ethics program requires adequate resources, commitment, and time, realistic business ethics not only improve the organization's profitability but also advances the living standards of the business’s employees and the organization’s external dependants (Enquist, Edvardsson and Sebhatu, 2009). Business ethics have a direct impact on the operations and success of an organization at all levels. Ethical standards also influence the behavior of all the external forces to the organization including competitors, suppliers, employees’ stakeholders, and customers towards the organization (Robinson, 2010).

Due to its momentous influences on the organizational functions, a clear understanding of business ethics constitutes a significant step towards improving the business operations of an organization. Ethical principles are extremely vital and pertinent for the organization’s achievement of the projected objectives. However, there are some key problems and barriers that hinder the effective execution of the laid down business ethical principles. Additionally, having the most effective ethical policies and principles is not adequate for a flourishing business. The realization of the laid down principles is more essential than the entire process of coming up with business ethical principles. As a result, searching for practical measures to get rid of emerging problems in the execution of business ethics is demanding and indispensable. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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