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Principles in non- profit leadership - Research Paper Example

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Leadership has been defined by Mullins as the association, whereby, one individual influences the attitudes and behavior of another individual or group of individuals (Kangis and Kelley). Leaders ensure that the individuals, organizations and departments vision is explicitly…
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Principles in non- profit leadership
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Download file to see previous pages Successful leaders, however, are not just adepts in formulating plans that are in line with the organizational dynamics, but also implement of those plans keeping in view the social dynamics of the organization. In addition, leaders provide the necessary support, communicate effectively with employees and motivate them sufficiently to ensure successful execution of the formulated strategy (Mumford et al.).
It is an undoubted fact that the birth and growth of non-profit organizations has placed new demands on leadership. According to two famous researchers, Herman and Heimovics, the role of leadership in non-profit organizations is demanding and intricate. There are many instances where the leadership is faced with the daunting task of reconciling various responsibilities and functions with organizational goals (Herman and Heimovics). Furthermore, there has been a pressing need for successful leadership in non-profit sectors lately.
One fundamental aspect of leadership in non-profit organizations is that it must manage articulately the relationship between itself and the Board of Directors (Carver). Researchers have mostly viewed non-profit corporations as hierarchical structures defined by formal lines of authority. The law in some countries, such as the United States, defines the Board of Directors as having an authority superior to that of the executives and leadership (Carver). Thus, the Board explicitly lays down the rules, regulations, policies and procedures for the company, has the authority to accept or deny proposals or plans and settles the budgets, plans and other aspects of the organization. This is based on Max Weber’s model of bureaucracy whereby decision making is determined by formal lines of authority and chain of command (Carver). Research with respect to non-profit organizations suggests that the Board formulates the strategy and decisions, whereas, the leadership simply executes those ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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