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Business Ethics Project - Research Paper Example

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The operational procedures can be broadly classified into ‘system related’ and ‘employee related (HRD). Since HRD would be covered under Section 3: Corporate Culture and Hiring Practices, I have not…
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Business Ethics Project
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Download file to see previous pages As it is, the length of the material comes to three pages, though is concise and not very descriptive in nature. Therefore, I didn’t want to edit it to include references which may spoil the content.
The areas which are vulnerable for unethical behavior of the employees in this industry, considering the unique features or nature of the business, should be identified and concerted strategies implemented to eliminate such problems. This aspect is very important as it concerns the business ethics as well especially in the case ADT Security Services where ‘integrity, trust and security’ is the corner stone of the business, and any unethical behavior on the part of the employees has a direct bearing on the ethical values of the company.
Analysis of the problems in relation to the history of the marketing operations, in terms of customer satisfaction, system failures, complaints received, market research, product research, discontinued products lines, legal issues encountered, labor turnover related to servicing of the products, strengths and weaknesses of the competitors products, technology developments in the field, application of new technology in the development of new products, secrecy levels required to be maintained, customer profiles and needs or requirements of the customers, changes in customer behavior, brand value of the products, etc.
Having evolved a strategy, measures to be taken in implementing the strategy to eliminate unethical behavior of the employees, in the light of the analysis made already, assumes greater significance, and several factors are involved in this process. However great the strategy is, inefficiency in implementation, without proper and comprehensive planning covering all facets of the business, result in failure for obvious reasons.
Unethical behaviors on the part of the employees usually have financial implications only, in the case of other businesses. Misuse of funds allocated, overcharging the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Ethics Project Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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