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The American Revolution - Essay Example

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The origin of the revolution emanated from enlightenment ideas that were in opposition with accepted notions held by the government. Enlightenment ideas also opposed the ideas in the Europe…
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The American Revolution
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"The American Revolution"

Download file to see previous pages The call for the formation of a legitimate government was a central pledge among the ideas advocated for by the colonists. The colonists opposed the monarchial power of the British colonizers to appoint political representatives. The colonists demanded for their rights to appoint political representatives. The notable degradation of human rights by the British, especially in the south, inspired the revolution movements. Contrary to the British, the colonists wanted an end to slavery. The call for consideration of women rights was vital in inspiring the colonists to push for the revolution movement. As opposed to the British government, the colonists wanted equality granted to the female gender’s legal rights. The revolution movement had its basis on the need to instill religious freedom. The colonists wanted an independent religious institution from the control of the state, as well.
These ideas that inspired revolution movement erupted from intellectual theories held by revolutionists. Scientific empiricism also contributed highly in escalating the revolution movement. The colonists successfully defeated powers of their aristocratic colonizers, courtesy of the inspiration from the ideas that they had. The formation of the states after independence had its basis on these diverse ideas including the beliefs of the Americans and the principles that initiated the desire for freedom. The formation of the constitution was the most influential part of in the enactment of the ideas of the independent people that they pledged for during the revolution movement (Bailyn ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The American Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2)
The American Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2.
“The American Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2”, n.d.
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The American Revolution
...?“The American Revolution created the noblest ideals and aspirations of Americans-their commitments to freedom, constitutionalism, the well being of ordinary people, and equality. In short, the Revolution had convinced Americans that they were a special people with a special destiny to lead the world toward liberty”. (Wood, Preface) Introduction Freedom is one of the basic rights of every person in every nation and is among the longest standing aspirations of the west (McDonald and Hoffmann 143). It is essential to one’s growth as it allows a person to exercise his privileges. However, there was a time in the history that this basic right was suppressed...
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The American Revolution
...? The American Revolution History and Political Science The American Revolution started in 1775 due to open conflict amongst the united thirteen colonies and the Great Britain. During the American Revolution, the British soldiers, together with American patriots battled at Lexington, Massachusetts, as well as in the nearby Concord. However, in 1783 the Treaty of Paris brought to an end the war with Great Britain getting forced to acknowledge the independence of United State’s 13 colonies. Whereas no particular event gets credit for the actual origin of the revolution, the war started as a disagreement...
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The American Revolution
...? [Teacher 20 March Privateers and the American Revolution Patriot Pirates: The Privateer War for Freedom and Fortune in the American Revolution by Robert H. Patton tells the story of the privateers who fought many of the sea battles during the American Revolutionary War. Patton asserts that not enough has been written about this aspect of the history of the War for Independence. The privateers were essentially pirates who plundered British ships for their own profit, with the side benefit of helping the war effort for a price. Patton points out that George Washington hoped the privateers would make the war too costly for the British to continue fighting,...
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The American Revolution
...4 October Was the American Revolution really a "revolution" or was it merely a War for Independence? Historians have been approaching the American Revolution from different perspectives for over two centuries. All perspectives that have conventionally surfaced can be classified into four major schools of thoughts. Each of the four arguments suggests how the American Revolution should be viewed and what its significance was. This paper evaluates those four schools of thoughts and then draws the conclusion regarding whether American Revolution was a real revolution or was...
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The American Revolution
...?The American Revolution The causes of American Revolution are many and varied. The French and Indian war acted as the catalyst for the American Revolution as Britain suffered huge financial burden in spite of winning the war. The imperial policies and taxations that aimed at amassing revenue for this financial debt met strong opposition from the American colonists and this triggered the revolution. Apart from imperial policies other forces, such as the philosophies of the enlightenment and the great awakening, also played pivotal roles in the Revolution. Many of the revolutionary leaders...
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The American Revolution
...The American Revolution Following the many years of disagreements and negotiations between the Great Britainand America, tensions had risen among the natives of America. After the colonies announced independence in 1776, the war to free them was unavoidable (Frank 30). Both the opposing sides expected the war to be short. The Britain rulers wanted to crush Americans by force but the Americans who supported independence expected the British regime to give up due to their persisted attacks (William 8). Therefore, the two groups fought for long period expecting a defeat to either opponent. British Had an overwhelming advantage in that particular war as it had a strong navy;...
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The American revolution 2
...1. What events led to the American Revolution How did regional identities and interests influence the road to revolution Before the advent of the American Revolution, a series of events happened that caused the Americans' dissent over British rule. Great Britain has just gone to a war against France and they are heavily indebted. The war was fought to protect and preserve the territories of the British Empire. Bearing that in mind, it is thus justified that they turn to their colonies and help them relieve of wartime debts. And so, the British parliament passed a law called the Stamp Act. This act would impose taxes on items like...
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The American Revolution
...THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION 2007 The American Revolution The last decades of the 18th century witnessed several events that dramatically changed the political, social, and cultural image of the world. The American Revolution represented arguably the most important of them. A wide range of intellectual and social transformation that occurred in the former British colony not only gave birth to the new nations, but also became a material symbol of the utopian Enlightenment belief in the world of liberty, equality and justice. The great influence of that event on the history of Europe and both Americas makes the American...
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The American Revolution
...The chapter under study poses the question: Was the American Revolution moderate or radical? Which school of thought (or combination of schools) bestanswers this question? Explain. The American Revolution is sometimes regarded as radical, while some other schools of thought believe the American Revolution to be moderate in nature. Scholar TH Breen is of the opinion that the American Revolution was radical, as he explained in his book ‘The Boycotts Made the Revolution Radical.’ He believes that the American people showed a tendency of buying expensive goods which were...
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The American Revolution
...The American Revolution Introduction The American Revolution of 1765 -1783 is renowned as one of the momentous upheavals that completely changed the world history. The revolutionary war had started long before the first shots were fired. The revolutionary process commenced when 13 rebel American colonies rejected aristocracy and monarchy imposed by the British government to subjugate defenseless Americans. Apparently, the American military ultimately triumphant in the revolutionary war, and America gained independence. However, the American Revolution was more than just a military...
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