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Roles Women played in the American Revolution - Essay Example

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Women are not readily mentioned in history for the vital roles they played in the Revolutionary War, but women not only fought, some were camp followers while others kept their family…
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Roles Women played in the American Revolution
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Extract of sample "Roles Women played in the American Revolution"

Download file to see previous pages Women took up various roles and responsibilities during the revolution to support the cause. The most important is that on the battle field. Many women as soldiers fought the war alongside and as fiercely as men. Women fought the war believing that the only reason that must be considered in serving the country was pure patriotism and not anything else. Nancy Hart, Mary Hays, Margaret Corbin, Deborah Sampson are a few examples.
Margaret Corbin fought bravely alongside her husband John Corbin. She was a camp follower and had learnt how to load and fire canons. She was on the frontline along with her husband. When her husband got injured she assumed his duties and got injured too. After the war she served at Corps of Invalids at West Point (Nash & Graves, 2000)..
Deborah Sampson is another incredible example of a woman fighting the odds to serve the country. She assumed the identity of a man, namely Timothy Thayer, to enlist herself in the army. Soon her identity was discovered. She again later enlisted as Robert Shirtliffe. As Robert Shirtliffe she fought courageously in various battles. Her identity was again discovered when she got injured and was treated by a physician. Soon after, she was discharged honourably from the army (Shmoop, 2010).
Mary Hays was a camp follower serving as a water carrier. She, like Margaret Corbin, assumed the duties of her husband when he got injured. Nancy Hart was known for her sharp shooting skills. She shot at British soldiers with deadly accuracy in the Georgia frontier. She was known by the name “War Woman” (Nash & Graves, 2000).
Apart from actively taking part in the battle as soldiers, women also contributed as camp followers. Many women, mostly wives of soldiers, were allowed to travel with the army. They took part in many activities and served as companions to male soldiers, cooks, nurses, etc. They washed the clothes of the soldiers and cooked food for them. They also took care of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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