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Comparison of Leading Womens Role in Portrait of Teresa and Salt of Sea - Case Study Example

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This paper "Comparison of Leading Women’s Role in Portrait of Teresa and Salt of Sea" compares and discusses the role of Teresa as depicted in the movie “Portrait of Teresa” with the role of Esperanza Quintero presented in the movie “Salt of the earth”…
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Comparison of Leading Womens Role in Portrait of Teresa and Salt of Sea
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Extract of sample "Comparison of Leading Womens Role in Portrait of Teresa and Salt of Sea"

Download file to see previous pages The essay analyzes the nature of the women’s roles presented in these movies and present an overview of the difficulties and problems these women faced that ultimately compelled them playing practical and struggling role in their societies. The essay strives to explain the contradictions and similarities in the characters of these two women. Furthermore, these characters are viewed from the spectrum of modern society to analyze the viability and prevalence of the directors’ philosophies and ideologies in the context of current social progression.

Portrait of Teresa and Salt of the earth are both regarded as revolutionary films because in these films the directors have presented their perspective regarding the revolutionary roles of the women that can bring significant changes in their society. In Portrait of Teresa, director Poster Vega describes the Cuban society and problems being faced by the women whereas in the movie The Salt of the Sea is Herbert Biberman attempted to portray the problems faced by the mine workers of minority ethnic community. In both of these movies, the stories take different turns due to the non-traditional and unexpected acts of the women; Teresa and Esperanza Quintero. These women were characterized by certain common qualities and at the same time, there are some basic differences in the situation they are dealing with and their decisions to get their problems resolved.
The role of Teresa in the movie could be deemed as a woman fostering revolutions in Cuban society because she raised voice in favor of women's rights and struggle to gain them certain compensation and rights that were not commonly enjoyed by the women in Cuban society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Comparison of Leading Womens Role in Portrait of Teresa and Salt of S Case Study, n.d.)
Comparison of Leading Womens Role in Portrait of Teresa and Salt of S Case Study.
(Comparison of Leading Womens Role in Portrait of Teresa and Salt of S Case Study)
Comparison of Leading Womens Role in Portrait of Teresa and Salt of S Case Study.
“Comparison of Leading Womens Role in Portrait of Teresa and Salt of S Case Study”.
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