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The author of the essay "The Commonwealth Men and the American Revolution" states that the statement that ‘if a man has the means to feed himself and protect himself he is free’ had high relevance in the context of the seventeenth-century and American Civil War. …
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The Commonwealth Men and the American Revolution
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A state in which man is able to be happy with the basic need for food and protection was ideal in the case of a value-oriented society as envisaged by Commonwealth men. The objective of this essay is to analyze the relevance of this statement n the 21st century.
Considering the ethics of the discussed statement, it must have relevance at a given time. The ideology of freedom suggested here is non-competitive and sharing in nature. However, in the globalized 21st century, where freedom is defined in terms of economic and social competence and people compete with each other for materialistic achievements, food and protection won’t satisfy the needs of men. Hillary Rodham Clinton, The Secretary of States has stated three essential elements of a free nation which include a “representative government, a well-functioning market, and civil society” (Clinton, 2011). Taking this policy of the government into account, it can be assumed that the discussed statement is not given importance in today’s market-driven society. However, further analysis of the current policies will reveal that the materialistic objectives ultimately lead to the basic need for food and protection for men. For example, a representative government, functioning market, and civil society are all indicators of a food secure and protected society. Ironically, the process of achieving the materialistic objectives, most times results in denying the larger objective of food and protection for fellowmen. Read More
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