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The Sovereign and the Interest by Upholding Security and Civil Peace - Essay Example

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The paper describes the realization of political theory into a reality manifests a double-edged sword which exposes the strengths of any such thought. It is apparent that there is no perfect political system and to identify anyone as such becomes a matter of personal or collective conviction…
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The Sovereign and the Interest by Upholding Security and Civil Peace
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Extract of sample "The Sovereign and the Interest by Upholding Security and Civil Peace"

Download file to see previous pages Some of the most hated people in history started with good intentions. I, with some apologies, actually have some admiration for these men. We all had some radical idea but never saw their light of day and was forever buried in the coffer of our consciousness. But the same could not be said for these men. They were actually able to sway people to have the same beliefs as theirs in a mass capacity. The best of intentions may not always yield the best results but you have got to be in awe of how they were able to manipulate and move millions of people toward the most appalling actions under your name. And as such, the reconciliation of personal interest comparative to social need. Idealists do not accept failure. There are times when a vision is bigger than us and the freedom of many is sacrificed for it. Just for the sake of argument, setting aside a moralist standpoint, these people may be attributed as idealists. This not to subordinate hatred which was in the case of Nazi Germany became the fuel for the Holocaust and the inhumane actions that were executed toward the Jews. I remember a quote that was directed towards Ferdinand Marcos, the then dictator of the Philippines which goes, “The Philippines is made up of 40 million cowards and one son of a bitch.” The quote may be crude but it is true. It is sometimes inexcusable how people allow such atrocities to happen before they are shaken into some sense that there is something going on. Something terrible, something dreadful, and something that goes against every inch of the rights that they have as human beings. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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