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Politics is all about gaining and maintaining power. Do you agree Be sure to provide examples and discuss alternative views - Essay Example

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Rival interests can be organized to reconcile through many means. For instance, resorting to managerial rule might be perceived as a paradigm of totalitarian rule…
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Politics is all about gaining and maintaining power. Do you agree Be sure to provide examples and discuss alternative views
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Extract of sample "Politics is all about gaining and maintaining power. Do you agree Be sure to provide examples and discuss alternative views"

Download file to see previous pages This allows the leaders to exercise administrative control of some or all communal resources, together with labor and capital.
Maintaining political power has been a reality in many organizations, and while this practice might superficially come out to be wasted time, it is essential in securing resources, development of ideas, achievement of individual goals, and frequently improving one’s status. It is immature to look forward to being able to be detached from managerial politics, since it is the offspring of maintaining political power. Someone might gain respect for doing so, but the development would be limited and regarded as an uncomplicated target. A ruler like Machiavelli practiced politics in such a way that he had to maintain his prowess. Those who yearn for power in any state of affairs may ape his strategies for unyielding aid. In his own words he used to say that a leader "...must stick to the good so long as he can, but, being compelled be necessity, he must be ready to take the way of the evil."(Machiavelli, 63). My objective in this essay is to explore the notion that politics is entirely about gaining and maintaining power, and by citing potential examples, this would come out clearly.
Power can be classified into three forms. Coercive Power: this involves forcing somebody to act in accordance with ones wish. A prison would be a case in point of a coercive organization. Utilitarian Power: this is the power based on a scheme of rewards or penalties. Businesses, which pay increments, promotions, or threats of removal from office, are practically, utilitarian organizations. Normative Power: this is power which rests on the values of the members, and that the organization has a right to manage their actions. A religious organization would be an illustration of a utilitarian organization.
Ways in which political enthusiasts acquire possession of such power. At the national level, political authority for political power is seized by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Politics Is All about Gaining and Maintaining Power. Do You Agree Be Essay)
Politics Is All about Gaining and Maintaining Power. Do You Agree Be Essay.
“Politics Is All about Gaining and Maintaining Power. Do You Agree Be Essay”, n.d.
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