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How did the French & Indian War shape the American Revolution - Essay Example

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The war between the French and the British was sparked with the firm determination of controlling the northern parts of the American lands,…
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How did the French & Indian War shape the American Revolution
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"How did the French & Indian War shape the American Revolution"

Download file to see previous pages This action by George Washington sparks the war between the French and the Indians1. The impact of fighting both the Indians and the French is too enormous for the British government. To recover the enormous debts incurred, the British under King George introduces ridiculous taxes on the Native Americans.
The move by the British to impose heavy taxes on the Native Americans elicits anger amongst the Americans, who come up with their reactionary tactics. To show their anger, the Americans start to boycott the British commodities that were highly taxed. Protest groups break off and start protesting against the brutal imposition of taxation on the American soil2. Sam Adams, an outspoken leader, leads protests in parts of Boston. Most officials from the American counties join sooth and demand for justice and fair representation. More reactionary actions from the Americans start slowly and become a very strong movement of revolution against the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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French and Indian War
...for trade. As a result, the two powers deployed soldiers to secure any new claims, communities, fortresses, missions and trading posts. The British used the Indian to get the territories in the vast American world (Calloway 40). The Construction of fortresses in the Ohio valley was also a cause of the war. In 1750, a group of Virginian businessmen secured themselves about 500,000 acres in Ohio valley for settlement. This same piece of land had earlier been claimed by Joseph Celeron for France; the French did so to prevent the British from further expanding into the French colonies and, therefore, begun to construct fortresses on Ohio...
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The French and Indian War
...opened. Did they really need the British to survive, or was it that Britain needed them I believe this war sparked the American Revolution. At this point in the history of the world, nobody had ever seen a war with the credentials held by the French and Indian War. As the first "global war unfolded, the number of troops grew to record breaking proportions. World War I as we know it might be more properly referred to as World War II. This seven year affair involved two world powers along with a nation-to-be full of pioneers in addition to an entire race...
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..., which peaked during the Napoleonic wars and was followed by the restoration of the monarchy and two subsequent revolutions (Doyle 2002). Therefore, the American Revolution had its initial goals fulfilled after much shorter period of time than the French Revolution did. The above overview lists only the most basic features of both revolutions, but they provide enough information to conclude that despite certain similarities between the two, the differences are apparently more essential. WORKS CITED Doyle, William, Oxford history of the French Revolution, 2nd ed.,...
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...Was the French Revolution was success or failure by 1815? French revolution d off with the desire and spirit of getting rid of the status quo, dual existence of the nationals, the privileged few and the deprived others, the subjects and the masters, the people’s elected and many more similar elements that a nation’s would desire. By 1815, the French revolution had undergone large number of changes and had seen everything. The overall standing of the revolution and its contextual existence and effectiveness can be gauged with regard to the study of the political and human rights aspect. The political scenario would depict...
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...movement in the year 1848 caused several challenges for the Austrian empire. This aspect gave rise to socialism among the people. Karl Marx proposed and presented the significance of national equality of the socialism concept. Therefore, it can be stated that each and every movement that took place between 1789 and 1850 were significantly connected. Conclusion It is clear from above discussion that how several social ideologies were significantly connected with each other after French revolution between 1789 and 1850. Despite the differences, liberalism, nationalism, socialism, conservatism and romanticism were connected with each other due to some similar links. References Johnston,...
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French and American Revolution
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