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The Last Founding Father: James Monroe and a Nation's call to Greatness - Book Report/Review Example

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James Monroe, according to the author of the book being discussed, is the forgotten Founding Father of the United States who was outshined by his successors in the Presidency (Unger 2010). Monroe was denigrated as a straightforward man whose achievements were accredited to his…
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The Last Founding Father: James Monroe and a Nations call to Greatness
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Extract of sample "The Last Founding Father: James Monroe and a Nation's call to Greatness"

The Last Founding Father The Last Founding Father Main Idea or Theme James Monroe, according to the of the book being discussed, is the forgotten Founding Father of the United States who was outshined by his successors in the Presidency (Unger 2010). Monroe was denigrated as a straightforward man whose achievements were accredited to his predecessors, and downgraded to the background of history since he has not had the same justice made to his legacy by biographers and historians of the past 200 years. Some of the predecessors that are acknowledged with carrying on with Monroe’s work are John Adams, George Washington, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. That author of The Last Founding Father: James Monroe and a Nations call to Greatness, Harlow Giles Unger, wanted to publicize the achievements or accomplishments that were brought about by James Monroe. His premise was that Monroe is the persons who came up with all the initiatives that have made the United States be what it is today (Unger 2010).
In this compelling and lively biography about James Monroe, Harlow Giles Unger exposes the prominent political figure of a generation (Unger 2010). A vicious combatant in four significant Revolutionary War battles and a near-fatal wound at the Battle of Trenton, as well as a bold survivor of Valley Forge, president Monroe (1751–1831) went on to become U.S.’s earliest full-time elected official, dedicating his life to safeguarding America’s international and national durability. Adorned by George Washington for his uses as a fighter, James became a senator, a congressman, U.S. minister to Britain and France, secretary of state, governor of Virginia, secretary of war and ultimately U.S.’s fifth leader. The nation support Monroe’s visions of empire and selected him to two consecutive terms. The second time Monroe was elected unanimously. Tutored by each of United States’ first four leaders, Monroe was incontestably the most excellent president in America’s history (Unger 2010).
In this book, the reader finds the life story of Monroe who was born in April 1758, in Virginia, during the Seven Years’ War. U.K.’s independence was weighing deeply on the colonies, and James Monroe trundled to school whereas his father took care of their 500-acre farm. When both his father and mother died early on, James and his older sibling raised their younger siblings and tended the farm (Unger 2010). As the breadwinner of the family, Monroe had to set down from school, but his efforts developed, and a wealthy uncle stepped in and signed him up at William and Mary College. As scholar at the time of revolution, he undertook his task to the thought of a free nation and fought next to George Washington.
Harlow Unger did a great job with this text and this book. I was amazed with the life of the main subject, his service to the nation and his readiness to be his own man (Unger 2010). Monroe, without any assistance, picked up the pieces of Madison’s unsuccessful leadership. Monroe gave our country a voice globally by claiming equality with the past super powers of Britain and France (Unger 2010). According to me, Monroe was the foremost leader to make the White House his. Whereas every American leader to this point has made long-lasting parody, James Monroe is the first leader who led the country.

Unger, Harlow G. 2010. The Last Founding Father: James Monroe and a Nations Call to Greatness. Da Capo Press: Cambridge, Massachusetts. Read More
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