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Hispanic Last Names - Essay Example

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The essay "Hispanic Last Names" states that Hispanic names might appear to be confusing since they have a different format from others. Most cultures have their own format in mind when it comes to naming. The Hispanic naming system has their children given their last two names…
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Hispanic Last Names
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Let's look at a sample name: Balbastro Ajuntas Berrera Maria
Balbastro Ajuntas is the woman’s real name referred to as ‘Nombre.’ Ajuntas is part of her first name, not her middle name. Berrera is her fathers’ name or Apellido Paterno. It is what we call her last name. Maria is her mothers’ name or Apellido Paterno and it is used with her fathers’ name. It is not only her last name but it completes her last name.
If Balbastro was to marry Ramon Gonzalez Gomez, she would take Ramons’ last names in that pattern. Most Hispanic countries, however, have the additional conjunction ‘de’ to show that the added name is a married one. It is worth noting that women in today's world do not change their names on personal or professional reasons. Women in Hispanic culture never changes her first sir name in marriage. This is different from other cultures like the US, where a woman assumes the husbands’ name after marriage.
It is therefore important to note that, the naming system of Spain has the traditional personal surname of the father followed by that of the mother and that a woman does not have to change her surnames in favor of her husband’s name because Spanish naming system does not entail the maiden name concept. Read More
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(Hispanic Last Names Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 354 Words)
Hispanic Last Names Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 354 Words.
“Hispanic Last Names Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 354 Words”, n.d.
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