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These leaders were both political as well as statesmen. The founding fathers of the US did participate in several issues that attributed to the enormous…
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The Founding fathers of America
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The Founding fathers of America There is resonance in all the individuals who are considered as the founding fathers of the United States of America. These leaders were both political as well as statesmen. The founding fathers of the US did participate in several issues that attributed to the enormous achievement and strides that America has made in term of liberty, democracy equality and fairness (Holmes 46). The achievement realized by the American today is a culmination of their participation in the revolution that saw almost thirteen nations breaking from the bondage of the British Empire-America being one of the nations (Holmes 112). The result of the revolution was the declaration of independence in 1776, they also took significant roles in the revolutionary war and established the US constitution which is arguably the best in the whole world as it comprised of top geniuses in the world.
The words ‘founding fathers’ as used in reference to America is subdivided into two factions; "Signers of the Declaration of Independence"-these are the individuals as who signed the US independence declaration in the year 1776 (Burke 178). The other is the framers of the American constitution-these were the delegates fondly known as the federal convention who were involved in the drafting and final documentation of the American constitution. The final subset encompasses the group that took part in the signing of the confederation article (Jaffe 227). The reference to what founding fathers entails have also had other interpretations by historians to mean a collection of all those who took part in the struggle for the attainment of the independence in 1776. According to Richard B. Morris in 1973, he considered seven individuals as the founding fathers of America, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, John Jay, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson (Jaffe 234).
The founding father of the America had the desire to create a nation that is God fearing and strongly anchored on Christianity, this is vividly demonstrated by the first president to the United States of America, George Washington during his inauguration when he said in 1789 that nations are obliged to acknowledge the almighty providence and strive to obey the will of the God (Meacham 277). In this sense the founding fathers of America endeavored to establish a strong Christian ground with which they expected prosperity to stem (Lambert 256). The founding fathers also single out democracy and liberty to be the driving force with which the people of America discharge their duties and activities.
The founding father of America were also keen to develop a constitution that ensured fairness and equity to all the citizens, equal treatment and even allocation of the resources to all parts of the country. Their desire was also to break the cycle of bondage, torture, and forced labor to create a free nation where all the citizens enjoyed the bill of rights (Lambert 299). The founders also noted the need of sovereignty of the US and that the state would be independent and should operate with no influence from other external forces and foreigners and that in the event of such, US will explore all options to remain sovereign.
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The Founding Fathers of America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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