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Monroe Administration and the Era of Good Feelings - Assignment Example

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The author tells about the Monroe Administration and the “Era of Good Feelings.” The author also examines the wars of the United States from the time of the American Revolution - most importantly the action against the Barbary Pirates and the Quasi-war with France. …
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Monroe Administration and the Era of Good Feelings
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Extract of sample "Monroe Administration and the Era of Good Feelings"

As coined by a journalist, the “Era of Good Feelings” welcomed the approaching end of party warfare and tension. Monroe’s administration showed unity within the administration as he worked towards new leadership methods. Meetings were held to gain consensus rather than advice and with this Monroe gained congressional approval. At this time, individual liberty and responsible government were evident. His administration combated party tension and slavery most.

2. What foreign and domestic problems faced Pres. James Madison the day he took office?

Madison faced problems with conflicts with Britain, especially the interception of American merchant ships and impressing sailors, believed to be British, for service in the British Navy. He also had to face economic problems that resulted from the War of 1812. He also faced a divided cabinet and a militia that refused to fight outside their state. There was a serious problem in national and administration unity.

During the American Revolution, the fight for independence brought a rebellion fighting against Britain. However, since there was a lack of a professional army and navy, it has become a challenge for the Americans. During the Revolution, to face the problem against the Barbary pirates, the United States entered an alliance with France to protect their merchant ships and other American vessels from all violence and attacks. However, eventually, the United States also faced a quasi-war or an undeclared war against France when it started to seize American ships trading with Britain when America and Britain declared neutrality of conflict. With this, a more diplomatic stance was taken to lessen the war activities. Read More
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