Why is the notion of identity so important for the Constructivist approach - Essay Example

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The main objective behind the same includes the exploration as well as explanation of constructivist theory in the light of the ideas presented…
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Why is the notion of identity so important for the Constructivist approach
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Download file to see previous pages Constructivist approach maintains central place in the disciplines including teaching and education, sociology and economics, and philosophy and psychology. However, it has obtained imperative significance in history, international relations and political science too due to its validity and vastness in respect of defining and encompassing the developments being observed at national and international scales by depicting the motifs and intentions behind the entire scenario of rabidly developing world at large. First articulated by the contemporary era American political scientist and theorist Nicholas Greenwood Onuf, the Constructivist approach submits to state that human actions appear to be the most dynamic factors of all progresses being observed in all parts of the world without discrimination. Consequently, it is human actions that give birth to social and political changes in accordance with the events taking place at international arena. These events and incidents appear to be reliant upon one another in a sense that one event may give way to the others making a chain of developments subsequently (Onuf, 1989, p.49). For instance, it was the strict German political scheme against the vanquished France in the aftermath of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71, which had given a go to the establishment of several international alliances including the Dreikaiserabund (or Three Emperors League), Triple Entete, Triple Alliance and others from 1875 to 1912. Similarly, the Treaty of Versailles (1919) drafted by the then British and French prime ministers i.e. Lloyd George and Clemenceau respectively in the aftermath of WWI, certainly contained the seeds and elements of another horrible war for the future years to come (Lowe, 1996, p.238). Moreover, the active participation of America in the Russ-Afghan conflict (1979-89) not only led the circumstances towards the disintegration of Russia, but also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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