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Question to answer based on some articles - Assignment Example

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It is one of the theories of in the study of international relations. The others include realism, liberalism, idealism and Marxism. The proponents of constructivism theory elucidate that acquiring knowledge…
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Question to answer based on some articles
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Download file to see previous pages In other words, the daily life experiences form grounds for learning.
International relation refers to the existing external links between countries or governments. Constructivism theory is significant in international relation because of its critical role in streamlining complex matters. As Wendt further says that sometimes situations are unprecedented in our experience, and in these cases we have to construct their meaning, and thus our interests, by analogy or invent them de novo (P 398, Anarchy is What States Makes of it, Wendt). This is because actors acquire information by participating in meaningful collective decisions. This paper discusses how constructivism in international relational accounts for the emergence of multiple competing norms.
The contemporary history has been associated with a lot of impunity. This is evidenced by many reported cases of atrocities like violence and war crimes. These heinous acts abuse human rights for example the 1993 Yugoslav and 1994 Rwanda genocide cases. Apart from human rights abuse, the mayhems result into a state of anarchy. Wendt defines anarchy as the absence of centralized authority. He asserts that anarchy poses a distinctive and important problem of order for international politics, to which a constructivist approach suggests some new solutions (P 247, Social theory of International Politics, Wendt). The absence of a governing authority is dangerous to any society because certain individuals may misuse their freedom and cause disorder and chaos.
Wendt also defines anarchy as a condition of possibility for or permissive cause of war arguing that wars occur because there is nothing to prevent them (P 395, Anarchy is What States Make of it, Wendt). The presence of governing authorities is to ensure order, harmony and peaceful coexistence. Hence lack of it results in high rise of conflicts which is very disastrous. Anarchy affects international systems since it may involve ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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