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Where relevant make reference to the royal art ancient empires of Ghana and Mali - Essay Example

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During those days, a Paramount chief was a highly significant figure in society with immense historical significance. The statue is a full figure representation of the paramount chief. He is holding…
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Where relevant make reference to the royal art ancient empires of Ghana and Mali
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"Where relevant make reference to the royal art ancient empires of Ghana and Mali"

Download file to see previous pages This statue consists of a distinct style that brings out the real nature of the chief’s authority. The lines on the surface of the robe show the depth of the folds express on the sculpture. This only brings out the richness of the textile worn by the chief (Walker and Chaplin, 1997).
This is an image of the King of the Kuba people from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The king of the Kuba people was in charge of the political, economic and social organization of the kingdom. As a sign of authority, the king would adorn a distinct head gear comprising of certain feathers. These feathers were a symbol of authority only fit for the king. The other pieces of clothing contain exquisitely embroidered textiles that have organized geometric patterns. He also has anklets on his feet and bracelets on his arms, and he is holding a spear in his right hand. As a king, it was his duty to protect his people as well as command all the political power in the region. Adorning in such attire was a way of expressing the power commanded by the king since no one else could wear ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Where Relevant Make Reference to the Royal Art Ancient Empires of Essay.
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