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Reserve Head of Nofer, Giza tomb G 2110A, Dynasty 4, 2602-2575 BCE, 10 11/16” high (Second floor, Old Kingdom Egyptian gallery off rotunda, look for one of the white heads in a glass case 06.1886; Map: orange, gallery 207.
It is difficult to know exactly how Nofer looked…
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Download file to see previous pages For example, he was given titles such as secretary of secrets, royal scribe, and estate manager (Berman, Freed, and Doxey 49).
Reserve heads were form of different sculpture constructed from limestone. They were constructed of a white and fine limestone in order. It is significant to note that the reserve heads were from the reigns of pyramid constructing pharaohs Khafre and Khufu in 2602-2575 BC. Each of these reserve share common features, and the amazing individuality makes them some of the ancient or medieval portrait sculpture existence. The purpose of these heads was not clearly defined but it is believed that they were used to serve as an alternate home of the soul of the dead person should a misfortune happen to his or her body. The Nofer tomb at Giza was highly personalized life-sized description whose personal trait has been compared to head portraits of medieval and contemporary times (Berman, Freed, and Doxey 101-2)
Ancient Egyptian artists focused to capture an idealized side of the face often removing individual character that aimed to reveal architectural impersonality. The reserve head found at Giza showed specific and unique people like Nofer. The reserve head were sculpted to serve a ritualistic role for the actual head of the deceased person. Further, the reserve heads served as the artist’s prototype for creating more reliefs and statues of the dead person.
Moulds were extracted from the reserve head of Nofer in an attempt to avoid mutilating the actual head. However, Nofer’s head was ritually mutilated to avoid him from harming or hurting the living human beings. To ensure that the deceased did not hurt the living, the reserve head was developed by a master sculptor, and upon a person death, the reserve head got a ritualized mutilation in order to avoid them from hurting the living human beings. For instance, the head of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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