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These facets include the vastness of a kingdom. Historians perceive many powerful kingdoms to be greater to other little ones. In this sense, the Ghana kingdom assimilated many small kingdoms, before the…
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Task: Ghana over Mali Empire “Various aspects can be used to deem an empire as being great to another. These facets include the vastness of a kingdom. Historians perceive many powerful kingdoms to be greater to other little ones. In this sense, the Ghana kingdom assimilated many small kingdoms, before the early 1200 increase its reign. Moreover, a kingdom ought to have a strong and efficient army base to determine its superiority over its subjects and enemies. Besides, trade strengthens an empire over its opponents. This was the case in the Ghana Empire, through its extensive salt and gold trade.
The Mali realm rose back in the mid 1300. Moreover, it emerged from the greater Ghana Empire. However, due to external disputes and internal conflicts within the Ghana Empire and the eventual crumple of the Ghanaian Kingdom, the Mali Kingdom emerged with Sundiata being their leader (Conrad 13). This clearly depicts how Ghanaian began its superiority over the Malian realm. In fact, some historians deem Ghana to be the greatest kingdom in the early part of the 1300.
Besides, civilization started in Ghana earlier than in Mali. In fact, civilization in Ghana began even before the arrival of the Europeans into Africa. Moreover, Ghana had started trading early, where they operated with other communities. Their trade items included gold, cloth and copper among others. Moreover, the regime imposed tax to the goldmines in the region (Conrad 14). Mali was still under Ghana Empire, and did little in terms of trade. As a result, the economic capacity of Ghana was far much better as compared to that of Mali, their counterparts.
In the political aspect, Ghana had a well-organized system, with the Soninke people reigning over the Berbers. Moreover, the empire had captured a vast area and made it its kingdom. Mali was still under the Ghanaian Empire. The Ghanaian trade in gold had made the empire extremely powerful. Besides, the use of iron aided Ghana in creating weaponry for its territorial army. Furthermore, it was not until the Senegalese Almoravids intervention that capacitated the Malians to take over Ghana Kingdom (Conrad 14).
In addition, the Ghana Empire was extensively rich. This mainly resulted from the expansive gold trade within the region. This distinct trade in gold made Ghana change it earlier name (Wagadugu) to its present Ghana (meaning gold land). This gave Ghana an advantage over its former territory, Mali (Conrad 16). However, the ancient Ghana is different from the contemporary Ghana. Besides, the Ghana kings controlled the gold trade and could only allow the traders (including those from Mali territory) to trade only using gold dust.
It is evident that an empire needs to incorporate several features in its ruling in order to achieve its superiority nature. These factors include organized trade leading to economic capability, a strong army, and a vast empire with numerous territories. From the ninth century to 1300, Ghana was in this state. This made it extremely superior over its successor, Mali. However, internal clashes and external uprisings from the Almoravids led to its ultimate collapse and succession of Mali. Besides, Mali also collapsed later and was succeeded by Songhai. Thank you.”
Works Cited
Conrad, David, Empires of medieval West Africa: Ghana, Mali, and Songhay, New York, NY: Infobase Publishing, 2005, Print.
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