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This paper will answer next questions: How did family structure and work habits enhance the social stability of Puritan communities? What role did women play in Puritan New England? Also, evidence from the text and primary sources are given to support all main points…
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Puritan England
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Puritan England After the period of 1600s, individuals living in the area of New England started marrying their neighbors on the permission of their parents. This led to creation of new forms of households and households became interrelated. This society did not welcome individuals and individualistic attitude diminished within the society. Family was the key role player in various aspects of life including education as well as religion. Membership with Church was accessible by everyone, but certain families were closely associated with the churches due to which Puritans started believing that this was the moment of inheritance of grace (Divine 66). The primary group that provided education to individuals was their family itself and families were playing this role in the best possible manner. Due to this the male gender gained the skill of reading and the area got involved in the production of literary work. Women were of utmost importance and they contributed heavily to the society. They were the major contributors of production as well as stability of the over all society. Men were considered superior and elite and women did not have equal rights as compared to men in the legal and the political arena. Women happily acknowledged their role of being a mother as well as house wife and study shows that marriages in New England used to take place on the basis of mutual love. While women were involved in the role of producing and stabilizing the society, they performed numerous roles such as: low level farmers, monitoring production in farms and members of the church.
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