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Development of the new england colonies - Essay Example

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DEVELOPMENT OF NEW ENGLAND COLONIES Name Institution Course Date DEVELOPMENT OF NEW ENGLAND COLONIES The region known as New England was founded and established by the Puritans and who were the first European settlers to establish permanent settlement in that area…
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Development of the new england colonies
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"Development of the new england colonies"

Download file to see previous pages In 1608, a branch of separatist group of Scrooby decided to flee to Holland. This group comprised of humble individuals, and in Holland, they found low paying jobs. This situation caused some people of the group to quit for other religions. In 1620, a large group of separatist pilgrim left for Mayflower a region that was named Plymouth situated on the Coast of what is today Southeastern Massachusetts. Unfortunately, this group encountered many problems in the new world. For instance, they had the difficulty of crossing the ocean and inadequate supply of food left many hungry. The local Indians assisted Plymouth Colony, and they survived the harsh conditions (Smith 1963, 33). Many puritans who were still living in England were now interest in colonization. In 1629, a group of lawyers and merchants organized a company they called Massachusetts Bay. As time went by, Massachusetts received a royal charter securing its rights to govern the region of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. It took a short time for people to settle in New England by about over twenty thousand settlers. According to Anderson (1992, 66-68), the settlers built towns in the New World. Charles II continued to issue royal charters to these immigrants in 1660s, in that some of them decided to settle in Massachusetts Bay, Connecticut and Rhodes Island. Massachusetts successfully conquered New Hampshire in the 1640’s but it was until 1679 when it became a separate colony. In addition, the New England colonists divided the land among themselves in that some families had about 150 acres of land. As this habit continued, the increasing number of young families moved on to western Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. Men headed their families in that they sought strict respect and obedience from their children even when they became adults. On the other hand, wives were to be submissive to their husbands. During that time, the law demanded that women who possessed any property were required to surrender it before marriage. At that time, the issue of divorce was almost impossible until the dawn of late eighteenth century. When elections were held in colonies, women were not allowed to vote. Only the widows and single women in society held the same rights as men. The colonies utilized town meetings as basis of their self-governance whereby, town meetings required unanimous consent of all town men. Church played a vital role in the development of new colonies in England. Churches were established at the same time towns were being built. Ministers held much power in that they had the ability to influence over the private and public lives of the people but held no government offices. The colonists were demanded to attend church services and assist ministers in their work in all colonies. New England did not enjoy harmony as the arriving immigrants from England who began to settle in New England disagreed with the local people. These conflicts emerged over different issues such as the right way to regulate livestock, plant crops and distribute land. Towns developed and became overcrowded resulting in many families relocating to outlying districts and wanted to establish their own schools and churches. Religion was the main banning issue in New England among the colonies such as Virginia, New Hampshire, a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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