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Compare Jamestown to New England - Essay Example

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College Date Comparing Jamestown and New England Jamestown is more often associated with negative connotations as a colony that predates a separatist group in New England by over twelve years, and was the first place that the British settled in America…
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Compare Jamestown to New England
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"Compare Jamestown to New England"

Download file to see previous pages Many figure the town as having no pride, no positive history and as a death-haunted town marked by misery. On the hand, New England had a more Nobel idea about the town. The empire was a town of prosperity both economically and in spiritual nourishing, with morals and values that severely contradicted the state of Jamestown. Therefore, to solve the social moral decay and miseries in Jamestown brought about by economic prosperity, and as a way to salvage the face of the church of Engalnd, there sprouted a separatist group that founded a new society, which gave rise to New England. The Spanish empire in America was desirable with successful institutions and good-looking models that had great influence on the English entry model in the new colony around Jamestown and the larger Massachusetts area. The British had three elements in their mission: to conquer and take the land of the American Indians, to search for gold, which bolstered trade, and protecting the native local “savages” from the brutality of the Spanish colonizers (Lin 380). The English had misconceptions about the Spanish model of colonization, which involved overthrowing the native leaders and installing Spanish governors while maintaining the Indian political system in place (Lin, 380). The approach resulted to immense wealth for the Spanish King. This created a misconception among English leaders who tried to emulate the same model in Jamestown. They mainly conquered large areas, just as the Spanish incorporated the Indians in the English society, using them for labor and to survive, which made the English extra rich from ample resources in the colonies (Lin 380). The British colony was therefore based in Jamestown, Chesapeake Bay region. However, the Spanish model did not succeed as expected as the British had misconceived ideas about the nature and political system of the Indian Americans. In 1603, King James 1 of England, jealous of the Spanish success in the new world, sought to establish his own colonies in sprawling areas of North America that were untapped. The king issued the Virginia Company a charter, empowering it to own in excess of six million acres of land in North America, and this was how the British established its colony, where the King hoped the empire would benefit England from its immense resources, and ensure the English poor masses had an ideal destination for employment. This led to mass relocation of the poor from Britain to Jamestown, to position them for employment in the new empire. However, new empire was riddled with all forms of evils, with the Virginia Company directors finding an easy way to reap and create immense riches. There were massive looting and corruption cases, besides severe ravaging disease epidemics among the newcomers in the new territory. The increasing farming practices in the new British colonies gave rise to slavery, towards feeding the yawning labor gap in new firms. Therefore, Massachusetts became the first region to legalize use of slaves in British farms. Within a few years upon entering into America, the British stripped the blacks off any human dignity and used them as slaves, resulting to immense suffering of the blacks. The farmers whipped slaves; the clergy drawn from the England Church preached that slavery was the will of God, while the scientists proved that the blacks were inferior type of human race, even when converted to Christianity (McBee 25). Corruption and the moral decay in the church displeased many who formed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Compare Jamestown to New England Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Compare Jamestown to New England Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Compare Jamestown to New England Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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