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The following essay "Social and Economic Changes in Europe America and Africa in 1400 1800" deals with many changes that occurred between 1400-1800. Notably, many social and economic changes occurred as a result of the contact between the people of western/central Europe and those of America…
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Social and Economic Changes in Europe America and Africa in 1400 1800
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Slavery is yet another social change that occurred, resulting in the shipment of Africans from their continent to Europe and America to provide the required free labor. A range of economic changes also took place as a result of these contacts. The first notable economic change that occurred following the contacts is industrialization, which was majorly promoted by the availability of labor and raw material which could easily be sourced from America and Africa and then shipped to Europe (Prak, 60). Infrastructural development is yet the other economic change that occurred as a result of the contacts, where the Europeans had to construct infrastructural facilities in their colonies both in Africa and America, as well as at home to enhance the transportation of labor as well as raw materials required by the established industries. Read More
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Social and Economic Changes in Europe America and Africa in 1400 1800 Essay.
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