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Relocation of about 900 residents from Graves Manor to pave the way for the expansion of the medical school is an indication of space shortage in the area (Reinke 14). The relocation is a plan to maintain the economic status of the city bearing in mind the benefits associated…
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Governance and Public Policy
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Governance and Public Policy Relocation of about 900 residents from Graves Manor to pave the way for the expansion of themedical school is an indication of space shortage in the area (Reinke 14). The relocation is a plan to maintain the economic status of the city bearing in mind the benefits associated with the presence of the school to the town inhabitants (Reinke 17). The commission in conjunction with the state administrator intends to develop a succinct plan for relocating the inhabitants in other areas in order to retain the benefits the school brings to the town.
A succinct housing strategy would be fundamental to prevent any future controversies (Reinke 21). This will be vital in constructing low income houses for the purpose of incorporating different races in the region. Good governance and public policing are a requirement in order to draw plans for housing which concentrate on the interests of all citizens regardless of race (Reinke 27). Good governance will ensure quality services and appropriate taxation that will benefit the city inhabitants. The principles of good governance will direct proper leadership hence initiation of public policies that are fundamental to the community (Reinke 29). These principles guide the commission in ensuring construction of structures that serve all races that reside in the city.
Good governance will enhance proper spending of funds for the housing plans. The commission will have a responsibility of monitoring various budgets and plans for the project. This principle will guide various strategies that affect the community in terms of low income housing that incorporate diversity (Reinke 31). Good governance ensures effectiveness in conducting functions plus roles (Reinke 35). It ensures concise decisions in matters that relate management. Proper housing plan will be successful if these principles are in practice.
Works cited
Reinke, Saundra. Managing Local Government: Cases in Effectiveness. New York: international capital market association. 2008. Print Read More
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Governance and Public Policy Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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