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Discussion 2: Public Policy and Social Change - Coursework Example

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The US government, in an effort to promote public awareness and participation in public policy, unproduced an e-program that would provide electronic information and services to the public. Some of the information transmitted electronically to the public include acts and affairs…
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Discussion 2: Public Policy and Social Change
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Introduction The US government, in an effort to promote public awareness and participation in public policy, unproduced an e-program that would provide electronic information and services to the public. Some of the information transmitted electronically to the public include acts and affairs of the government that relate to the welfare of the people such as education and health policies, information about public security and eminent threats that should be brought to the public’s attention, and issues affecting civil servants.
Technology is the vehicle through which the process of governance and issues of public policy are transmitted to the public. Technology has enabled the manufacture of communication gadgets whose role in telecommunications cannot be undermined (Maguire, 2008). It is through technology that the internet was discovered, which has transformed the entire governance and public policy procedures in many countries, the US being among the leading governments to adopt e-governance. Therefore, processes related to governance and public policy are facilitated by technology through innovations (Lempert et al…, 2009: Xenos & Kyurim, 2008)
The US government manages political and public policy through the internet. Through web technology, governments post political and public information on public government websites that all citizens can access, and offer their comments and views about particular processes or policies. The public health debate, for instance, has drawn nationwide debate and criticism from various angles and public views have played a great role in informing the shape the policy (Tricker, 2009: Wedel et al, 2005).
One area that has been greatly impacted by technology is the corporate governance. The US economy, however liberal it is, is still partly controlled by the federal government, especially in areas of public importance (Bowen, 1994). Because of the much activities and complexity of corporate activities, the government has made it mandatory and as a regulatory measure for the corporate agencies to adopt technology, especially the use of internet to keep their stakeholders in the know. Corporate agencies have to post their activities, those in the public domain to their public websites, as well as keep the government docket responsible informed of all the goings-on in the organizations through special government websites (Shafie, 2008).
The Microsoft Board of directors, for instance, oversees the company policy toward the public. Because the company is an active participant in the country’s political process, it has set aside these special tasks to the company vice president for US government affairs (West, 2007). Given the diversity of the company’s activities, technology plays a big role in the coordination and management of communication within and outside the company on the matters of corporate governance (The Futurist Magazine, 2009). Some of the activities the company partakes with regard to governance and public policy include communication with top government officials on political matters, communication to employees and shareholders, and communication to the public on issues of public importance and concern such as corporate social responsibility and issues of environmental conservation (Anstead, 2008).
All these have been made possible and easy because of the company’s extensive use of the internet as the most active communication channel today. The company has many websites open to the public where they can view updates and other useful information. The board is able to sit in conferences any time any day, thanks to teleconferencing, making it easy for them to address any emerging issues as quickly and effectively as possible. This has also increased public awareness on matters of corporate governance, increasing their participation in such matters and those of political nature.
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