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How can Chinese citizens participate in public policy making - Essay Example

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How can Chinese citizens participate in public policy making? Introduction Public policy can be simply referred to an attempt by the government to address a particular public issue or set of public issues through decisions, regulations, and actions. According to one definition, a public policy “is a system of laws, regulatory measures, courses of action, and funding priorities concerning a given topic promulgated by a government entity or its representatives” (Kilpatrick, n.d.)…
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How can Chinese citizens participate in public policy making
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, public participation is a central principle of public policy making in many countries. In the United Kingdom, all levels of government have begun to promote citizen and stakeholder involvement in their public policy making processes. In UK, public participation strategies include focus group research, deliberative citizen juries, online discussion forums, and large scale consultations (Gregory et al. 2008). Today, governments worldwide consider public participation as an effective tool in order to ensure that their planning, organising, and funding activities are in line with public interests. With public involvement in public policy making, governments also aim to identify achievable goals, assess effects, and obtain lessons for future operations. The US federal government also gives importance to public participation. In the country, the government keeps proposed public policies subject to public comments for a particular period of time. This paper will discuss why and how citizens participate in public policy making with particular focus given to Chinese citizens’ involvement in public policy decisions. ...
According to them, more citizen participation implies that more democracy, improved accountability, and efficient public policy decisions are attained. Hence, this strategy is an effective way for the government to add value to its public stature and to achieve public support. It is obvious that all democratic theories emphasise the concept ‘government of the people,’ and therefore public policy making would not be legitimate without effective citizen participation. Citizen participation strategy is better to increase the motivation of those involved because it gives a sense of belonging. More precisely, when people are allowed to take part in public policy making, they obtain a feeling that they constitute an integral part of the government. Referring to this, experts argue that citizen involvement is a better tool to enhance pubic cooperation in policy enforcement which in turn would assist government to reduce policing and other intervention costs. Public involvement is also key strategy to enhance knowledge and values concerning public policy making. In other words, governments can make public policy making more transparent and accountable by allowing citizens to take part in this process. In addition, this practice aids general public to obtain a clear view of government’s public policy making processes. Therefore, it can be claimed that citizen involvement in public policy making can initiate a social learning process. Public participation creates a potential opportunity for conflict resolution and achieving the common good. When citizen participation is allowed in policy making, conflicts are resolved in the early phases of the policy planning and hence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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