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Text Discourse Analysis:How Chinese immigrants are represented in American media in different historical periods - Essay Example

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The paper shall use discourse analysis to conduct an empirical research on how Chinese immigrants are presented in American media in different historical periods. The paper shall conduct a textual analysis of the media in their presentation of Chinese immigrants. The media is…
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Text Discourse Analysis:How Chinese immigrants are represented in American media in different historical periods
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Download file to see previous pages The paper shall discuss the rhetorical devices, which resonates amongst the Americans. It will help the paper develop ideological and presentation components of American media, thereby revealing the presentation of Chinese immigrants (Fairclough, 1989). The paper shall follow Fairclough’s assumptions in critical analysis. The most important assumption is that “ideologies originate from texts (Fairclough, 1995, p. 50).” The paper shall discuss three texts to reveal the media strategies.
The media is an important tool that puts certain political, economic and social happenings into the limelight. During the process, language contributes significantly. Language influences any political, social, and economic action. The paper analyses three texts in discourse of the media while portraying the Chinese immigrants. Due to enormous domestic and global effect of the media portraying the Chinese immigrants, it is important to decipher ideological characteristics typical for the American media enshrined in their messages about the Chinese immigrants. The aims at examining in depth the various strategies the media used is to describe the Chinese immigrants as well as covert the ideologies of the same. The paper shall follow Fairclough’s assumptions in critical analysis. The most important assumption is that “ideologies originate from texts (Fairclough, 1995, p. 50).” The paper shall discuss three texts to reveal the media strategies.
The media depends on two concepts, that is, globalization and imagination for people to understand its representation. With representation, the media will explain the trends in globalization and help people understand it. Discourse analysis will reveal the unspoken aspects of human behavior that the media depicted towards the Chinese immigrants. The media will help define the social relations between the media and the Chinese immigrants according to Fairclough. Such role places the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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