Identify and assess the analytical framework from the article: Devolution and social capital in the British Regions by Terrence Casey - Essay Example

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Analytical framework is a set of techniques, tools and patterns that give the relationship between different variables in the organization (Enderlein, Walti & Zurn, 2010, p. 138). This study examines the application of social capital model to analyse the performance of devolved…
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Identify and assess the analytical framework from the article: Devolution and social capital in the British Regions by Terrence Casey
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Extract of sample "Identify and assess the analytical framework from the article: Devolution and social capital in the British Regions by Terrence Casey"

Download file to see previous pages e application of social capital model as an analytical tool in devolution will help the analysts to assess how effective the government can achieve its objectives of democratising and developing the nation.
Social capital analytical framework is essential in examining the benefits a nation can accrue from communal interactions between individuals and groups in different regions of the nation (Keefe Zacher, 2008, p. 17). An example is where through social interactions some people assist others to secure employment. The social capital model can be viewed in different dimensions. On personal social capitalistic view, this model focuses on how individuals and families social interactions influence the resources available for to them. However, in a political point of view the social capital model focuses on how individuals’ interactions generate benefits for the entire community in the form of bonds and trust and elevated points of cooperation. The social capital framework focuses on how individuals can strip off personal interest and work together for the benefit of the entire society (Terrence, 2002, p.57). However, in order to get people work for the general good of the community requires the establishment of well structured social institutions that motivates people to work as a team for common interest of the society.
The analytical framework helps the reader to understand the criteria used by the political leaders to delegate political responsibilities to the new parliament in Scotland and the assembly of Wales. The distribution of power has used bottom-up strategy to assess the implications of the constitution and politics among the people (Terrence, 2002, p.62). The author has used analytical framework to elaborate how the Britain Government has distributed power to various areas in the country and gives the analysis of the extent to which that power has been applied to transform those regions. The model uses economics, sociology and political approach to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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