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The report would summarize Examiner’s report and also look into the student’s original paper and edited version to find if the suggested modifications were followed. …
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A report on Saudi Arabia
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Introduction The report is prepared so as to find if the Examiner’s corrective instructions were followed by the in his minor thesis. The report would summarize Examiner’s report and also look into the student’s original paper and edited version to find if the suggested modifications were followed.
Summary of Examiner’s report
The report has been passed for its original content, rationale of the subject and literature review that seems to have filled gap for the defined topic in Saudi Arabia. The thesis has touched on important issues like culture and preservation of national identity when foreign language is introduced. These are relevant factors in the contemporary times and need to be discussed in detail.
But the examiner has also found some minor shortcomings that are needed to be made. They can be enumerated as below:
Lack of subheadings and explicit comments to justify the topic.
Purpose of each section needs to be made.
Grammatical mistakes and spelling errors need to be rectified.
In chapter 1, needs to elaborate how introduction of foreign language could undermine Saudi culture. In chapter 5, how attention is given to preserve Saudi culture.
Analytical framework needs to be more explicit and systematic with appropriate subheadings and content that corroborate with the thesis statement.
How theoretical framework would be used to justify and evaluate thesis statement needs to be discussed in more detail.
More sustained work case vis-à-vis Liddicoat needs to made at the end of chapter 2 rather than carrying it over to chapter3.
Section 4.2 of chapter 4 must be placed in methodology of chapter 3.
‘Cyclic model’ of chapter 4 needs to be discussed more broadly.
In reflection in Chapter 5, concepts of Liddicoat must be introduced to make it more effective.
Important and highly relevant issues like cultural competency and early language learners need to explored more prominently and discussed in chapter2 and chapter 5.
Different perspective of English vis-à-vis American and English version could be more explicitly explained in chapter 4 and 5.
Description of other studies needs to be included only in chapter 2.
Amendments made to the thesis
All the chapters have introduced more subheadings for better comprehension and clarity of content.
The paper has been edited vis-à-vis grammar, spelling and content cohesion to make it better and more articulate.
Issues of cultural competency and language learners are introduced in chapter 1 and elaborated in chapter 2 but not in chapter 5.
But chapter 4 has discussed the various connotation of English language and elaborates how it is developed amidst cultural competency and doubts.
Cultural dynamics and development of language awareness have been brought to the forefront of the discussion.
Analytical framework has been emphasized and given more prominence.
Chapter 5 has re-emphasized the importance of Arabic culture and the role of national identity when foreign language is introduced in curricula.
Evaluative comments on all the work reviewed have added value to the thesis statement of the paper.
Concepts of Liddicoat have not been elaborated.
‘Cyclic model’ mentioned at the end of chapter 4 has also not been explained.
How theoretical framework would help to justify the thesis has not been touched.
All in all the paper has tried to incorporate all the major suggestions of the examiner within the paper.
The style and formatting of the paper have been modified to make it more professional.
The amendments suggested by the examiner were designed to add value to the work of the student. The paper had excellent content that matched the thesis topic. At the same time, the examiner’s recommendation to elaborate cultural competency, dynamics of foreign language within the broader framework of Saudi culture are vital inputs that give credence to the topic of the thesis. The student needs to include the three points as mentioned above within its revision of the paper to make it an exemplary thesis. Read More
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A Report on Saudi Arabia Book /Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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