Anthony summer and Robbyn Swan '' the eleventh day:the full story of 9/11'' - Book Report/Review Example

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It is a day that as Historians we will always remember and take into account in our work. It was a day that the most terrorist attack…
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Anthony summer and Robbyn Swan the eleventh day:the full story of 9/11
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Download file to see previous pages After their hard work of interrogation with people, the attack could have been prevented or stopped but there were allegation that there was involvement of top security branch with Osama bin Laden. The claim indicate that the terrorist attack was as a result of security blunder where the CIA met Osama bin Laden to “discuss” with him in July 2011and tried to recruit two of the 9/11 hijackers as agents but hid this from the FBI and then covered it up after the attack. Therefore, due to the lack of collaboration of these two bodies of top security in the state, the terrorists had the best opportunity to carry out their missions hence there is the notion of conspiracy to believe that the United State government showed overweight laxity in failing to protect its citizens and it covered up failure. The attackers explode the twin tower that was most industrious building where three thousand people lost their lives Americans and non-Americans.
it was an event that no one in the world could believe can occur in America but with the strategies laid by the al-Qaeda organization with coordination all over the Arabic nations they had a very intensive networking and with their mastermind Osama bin Laden they were distributed all over their targeted operating nations involving United State. It was very successful with total financial and weapons support from the Arabic nation that they gave to the al-Qaeda group. Therefore, they were able to hibernate from one nation to another. The attack was not planned in one day. Therefore, in year 2000 seventeen of the nineteenof the allegedal-Qaeda entered in the United State from other nations without showing any signs of being terrorists. However, the CIA were able to learn about the two other suspected terrorists during the summit in Myanmar and in other parts such as California. Despite the CIA being aware of these suspected ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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