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Franco Prussian War - Essay Example

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Franco Prussian War is a war that occurred between 19th July 1870 and 10th May 1871 due to a conflict arising between second French empire and Prussia. Since Prussia was a member of North German Confederation, the war made German States unite to fight a common enemy under the…
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Franco Prussian War
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Extract of sample "Franco Prussian War"

Franco Prussian War of 1870-1871 Franco Prussian War is a war that occurred between 19th July 1970 and 10th May 1971 due to a conflict arising between second French empire and Prussia. Since Prussia was a member of North German Confederation, the war made German States unite to fight a common enemy under the leadership of Prussia. This war marked the rise of Germany to the position of a major continental power. In addition, it marked the fall of Napoleon III, and the end of second French empire. This war resulted in the territory of Alsace and part of Lorraine being captured by the Germans to their territory until after World War I.
Historians attribute various causes to this war. First, Bismarck, a Prussian prime minister had a great vision of a unified Germany, which he planned. To him, a provoked war with France will bring about the unity between the North protestant states and the Southern Germans Catholics who were divided by culture and belief but had a common enemy the France. Secondly, the war was about revenge by Napoleon III who wanted to recover what was lost by his lineage after the defeat of Napoleon I and humiliate Prussia (History World international Web).
In my view, this war was necessary. We get to see the great leaders of old who could not solve issues via great speeches but through the blood and Iron fist. Different governments can learn from this war that happened many years ago of some tactics of unifying their states to gain power and prestige. I think it is possible to do a comparison between the primitive leadership of the 1800 and that of the 20th century, which is advanced. In the issues of morality and ethics, this war has a great teaching not to revenge. Napoleon III had it rough as he tried to revenge a thing that led to the fall of the second French empire and capturing of its two states.
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History World international “The Franco Prussian War” Web, 08 May 2012. Read More
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