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Answering the questions - Essay Example

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While both of them educate about sound moral values, the problem lies solely in the word “secular” as suggested by (McQuilkin 78), as secularism places ‘man’ to be the foremost authority in the world.
Yet Christian authors such as (Brown 233-234) (Hauerwas and Wells…
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Answering the questions
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"Answering the questions"

Download file to see previous pages t even though the tree is dead from the inside and it will only be a matter of time before the leaves fall out and reveal the real nature of the tree (Brown 234).
While Christian doctrine offers pardon from sins through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as our savior, secular humanists believe that humans are basically noble and have no need to ask for forgiveness from anyone for their “sins”. Thus secular humanists cannot discard their guilt and once a human compiles too much guilt, then overtime he becomes accustomed to these feelings of guilt and the signals from the conscience and has no trouble behaving sinfully and immorally (Brown 233-238).
Almost all the aspects of the Christian doctrine comply with humanist world views, the doctrine teaches about respect for fellow human beings, sanctity through the unity of a man & woman, staying truthful, and not doing anything that is sinful in nature according to the Bible.
More and Erasmus were some of the greatest preachers of Christian Humanism and were considered exceedingly moral and intelligent. Being close friends, More and Erasmus had high respect for one another, Erasmus even talked about More’s sole being “purer than snow”. While their outlook and views about Christian humanism were analogous, their methods were different in the sense that More was much more radical than Erasmus. (Hauerwas and Wells 142)
The Pope was and is a prominent figure all over the world, and believed to be the foremost religious authority and the most righteous man. So when Martin Luther advertised several gross allegations against the Pope and the Church’s officials in his 95 Theses; this immediately gained popularity, as do many scandals in the present day. (Graham 118-119)
In less than 2 weeks, the popularity 95 theses had covered all of Germany and within 60 days the publicity reached all over Europe; mostly through word-of-mouth publicity and the scandalous nature of the texts. (Graham 119)
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(Answering the Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Answering the Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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