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government and its working as one force, in order to achieve their agenda of New World Order and One World Rule (Shore 2010). Their involvement with the…
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Short analys about illuminati
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Harris Kamran History and Political Science Analysis 10 April Illuminati and Modern Politics The Illuminati are essentially the few super rich elitist families that control the U.S. government and its working as one force, in order to achieve their agenda of New World Order and One World Rule (Shore 2010). Their involvement with the government and politics has been kept a secret in order to assist their monopoly of the rule. The democratic structure of the U.S. government has resulted in only two major parties combating in elections for the Presidency, the Republicans and the Democrats. However, the controlling hand on both these parties is that of the Illuminati (Shore 2010). It is no coincidence that all the presidents of the United States are related to each other, with the majority of these candidates members of the pro Nazi covert society of Yale College called Skull and Bones (Shore 2010).
An example of political manipulation is the war in Iraq for oil. Bush Sr. owns the company Carlyle Group, which is the world’s largest war corporation (Shore 2010). Bush Jr. started pushing for a regime changeover in Iraq as soon as he attained his post as the President (Shore 2010). The war in Iraq made Carlyle Group and Rumsfeld’s Bechtel Corporation billions of dollars, while Vice President Cheney’s oil company Haliburton Corporation was given the control of Iraq’s oil, worth trillions of dollars (Shore 2010). Another example of Illuminati control is the $1.3 trillion tax cut, out of which $1.2 trillion were distributed only among 43,000 families, including those of Bush and Cheney (Shore 2010).
Shore, Michael. 2010. The Illuminati-Staged US Presidential Elections. [Online]. Rense. Available: [10 April 2010]. Read More
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Short Analys about Illuminati Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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