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Robert Franks Article - the Hungry Gap, Crop Failure, and Famine - Literature review Example

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This paper "Robert Frank’s Article - the “Hungry Gap”, Crop Failure, and Famine" focuses on the fact that beginning with the 1949 catastrophic famine in the Blantyre District of southern Malawi, Robert Worth gives the readers a vivid insight about what exactly transpires in the event. …
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Robert Franks Article - the Hungry Gap, Crop Failure, and Famine
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Extract of sample "Robert Franks Article - the Hungry Gap, Crop Failure, and Famine"

Download file to see previous pages Langland’s poem stealthily draws our attention and makes us yearn for more as he takes us into his world of a fatal famine. With so many incidences of hunger in the world today, the timing of this article couldn’t be better as it illuminates famine as one major cause. Many parts of Africa are victims of famine, and the suffering that comes with it is immeasurable. Robert Worth looks at the historical famines, and we see the connection with today’s famines. This paper reviews Robert Worth’s article, and we shall be keen to evaluate the merits and shortcomings of the content, that is structurally, methodically and in so many other ways.
Robert has designed his article to portray the threat of famine as a strong competitor in terror as its recurrent nature hurts humanity time and again. He is keen to mention that it happened not once or twice in Malawi, but thrice. It happened in 1903, 1922 and 1949 all the way to 1950. He illuminates the suffering underwent in such a period, and we can point out some of these impacts. One notable event is foraging followed by migration. There is intense movement in such for food. Robert mentions how Malawians moved and had cases of husbands deserting their wives. They move in such for food and green pastures leaving behind their families. Robert sites disturbed cohesion of families an element that leads to disintegration. Communities and families lose touch. The reader empathizes with this situation, and we see the pain that comes with famine. Robert quotes cases of intense selflessness and extreme individualism. Famine takes away our character, and all that matters is a meal for our bellies. We get it by all means necessary.
He doesn’t get into depth but somehow he cites abnormal weather conditions as a cause of the famine in Malawi. Robert later takes as through the ploughing scene of Piers Plowman. The reader is made to see the role of agriculture in eliminating hunger and starvation.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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