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The Lille to Paris Hunger March - Article Example

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This study “The Lille to Paris Hunger March “ will assess and help in noting down a viable commentary about The Lille to Paris Hunger March. The document seeks to expound on the problematic factors that contributed to this march. Mass unemployment pops up as the main reason…
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The Lille to Paris Hunger March
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Extract of sample "The Lille to Paris Hunger March"

Download file to see previous pages The author of this document had in mind the urge to bring forth the intended message of history as regards the famous hunger march. The languages used are French and English though the former is used sparingly in the document (Perry, 2007). The document (Lille to Paris Hunger March) was written with the intention of providing information to Newcastle University students and other persons with the urge to know more about historical labor events in France and specifically, the 1933 Hunger march. The document is structured in such a way that one is able to highlight the sequence of events that took place prior to and after the famous 1933 hunger march. It is an explanatory kind of document where the causes, the actual hunger march event, and the repercussions of the march are clearly highlighted for easier understanding of what really transpired during that period in the history of France.
In between the two world wars, France experienced four recessions that contributed heavily to a sharp increase in unemployment. The origins of this march lie with the success of the Saint-Nazaire to Nantes march that took place that same year (June 27-28 1933) and organized by the local CGT (Confédération Générale du Travail [General Confederation of Labour]),and SFIO (Section Française de l’Internationale Ouvrière [French Socialist Party]) (Crouzet,2003). This march was staged at the near collapse of the unemployed French people and the Communist Party. The Communist Party backed the hunger march aiming to revamp its popularity and strength in France. The great depression, which began in 1929, was getting worse and its victims were faced with loads of misery (Perry, 2007). Unemployment levels had surpassed the 1million mark and an independent kind of movement was lacking to push for changes up the government hierarchy. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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