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Comparison of the religious themes in two paintings - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This essay will compare and Contrast two pieces of Art from two Different centuries by Two different artists. The first painting to be analyzed is Public Prayer in the Mosque of Amr, Cairo By Jean Leon Gerome painted in 1871. Virgin and child with Saint Anne by Albrecht Dürer’s painted around 1519. …
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Comparison of the religious themes in two paintings
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Download file to see previous pages There is a similarity in the painting in terms of the subject. The first painting has a religious theme in it shown clearly by the scene that the painting captures which is a mosque during prayer time. In the second painting, the religious theme arises due to the subjects the painter paints. These are the virgin mother, the child Christ and Saint Anne. The first painting is more than a picture that catches a scene in the mosque during prayer time. The theme of the painting as you look at it is evidently religious as it is clear from the painting. The painting shows Muslim faithful’s in a mosque during prayer time. The most striking figure in the painting is on the right foreground and it shows a rich man with two servants behind him in the mosque. The rest of the people in the mosque are secluded from this striking figure by creation of space between them. It is hard to pinpoint the number of people in the mosque because the figures of the rest of the worshippers are painted descending towards the diminishing point in the background. The foreground has three major figures with a number of birds on the floor. There are also a number of birds that can be seen up near the mosques rooftop. The second painting is more of a portrait. The theme of the painting is religious from its name. ...
It is easy to infer that the young woman is the virgin, while the baby is the child Christ and the older woman is Saint Anne. The woman is painted with a white veil and clothing which is a symbol of purity associated with a saint1. Light has been used to give more illumination on each of the compositions subject. The tone of the colors in the first painting illuminates the whole composition in a uniform spread while in the second composition; a brighter tone is used to illuminate the three figures while its background has a darker shade. In the first painting, light has been used effectually with lighter shades of color producing a daylight atmosphere. The brightness of painting shows an effect of natural sunlight created to show that it is daytime perhaps midday due to the lack of shadows from the figures and the structures. There is a balanced saturation of lighter pigments through the whole composition. In contrast, the second painting employs a darker or deep tone in the background. There is more light aimed at the three figures on the foreground. The painter uses these contrasting aspects of light, by using dark and lighter shades, have been used to direct the viewers to the main subjects of the composition. The use of light in the second painting has been used to show that the painting was done inside a house or a building2. Color saturation is another important point when it comes to the two paintings. In the first painting, color has been used with less saturation. The colors in the first painting have been tinted with white to make the original colors less saturated and create an illusion of light in the composition. In contrast to the first painting, there is more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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