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Reforms of Frederick 2 and Emperor Joseph 2 - Essay Example

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The paper "Reforms of Frederick 2 and Emperor Joseph 2" discusses that Joseph set about building the people of diverse nationalities into a cohesive nation, himself as a supreme autocrat. He was a dedicated ruler and expected his subjects to be service-oriented and sincere. …
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Reforms of Frederick 2 and Emperor Joseph 2
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Extract of sample "Reforms of Frederick 2 and Emperor Joseph 2"

Frederick II was devoted to his country and expected the same type of devotion from his people. Some of the domestic reforms initiated and implemented by him were:
1. Consolidation of power by providing to the territorial princes a place in the bureaucracy of the government.
2. Press freedom and universal religious tolerance.
3. Legal processes streamlined; fast track justice; torture abolished. All death sentences were to be carried out with his personal approval only.
4. Learned judges were appointed to the courts.
5. Established the first German law code
6. Built thousands of miles of roads and agricultural reforms were introduced.
Enlightened Despot: Emperor Joseph II (1741-1790)
Joseph was free from the class of ethnic biases and promoted officials on the basis of their merit. He made German the compulsory language of the Empire. The important reforms initiated by him were:
1. Terminated the Catholic policies and introduced sweeping trends of “Enlightenment.”
2. Patronised German culture and Austrian dignity.
3. Reduced government spending; built public parks.
4. Confiscated a great deal of Church property and utilised its proceedings for the welfare of people. He was the friend of the common man and took steps to improve their standard of living.
5. Encouraged music and supported Mozart and his contemporaries. Read More
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