How important was the Meiji Emperor in shaping the era of change over which he reigned - Research Paper Example

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Meiji Emperor Name Professor Course Date Introduction Emperor Meiji was the most eminent emperor in the history of Japan. Meiji was the 22nd emperor in the reign of Japanese succession. During his tenure, he brought many changes in the Japanese’s nation…
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How important was the Meiji Emperor in shaping the era of change over which he reigned
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"How important was the Meiji Emperor in shaping the era of change over which he reigned"

Download file to see previous pages Meiji can be a very good choice for someone trying to create a radio or television documentary concerning the social history of Japanese’s nation. This is because of his role in the Japanese social and political reforms. His activities in office give him interesting candidature that does not only entertain, but also historic figure. The most famous sense of pride to the Japanese is the Meiji restoration that bears his names, the abolishment of the idea of feudalism, and the impending industrialization in the Japan. Meiji Emperor Emperor Meiji was initially referred to as Prince Mutsuhito, and was born on 3 November 1852 to Nakayama and emperor Komei. Mutsuhito used the name Meiji, which meant the enlightened government. Soon after being promoted to be the emperor, he changed his name to Meiji whilst moving the capital from Kyoto to Tokyo. Kyoto had been the imperial capital’s location for many years. During this period the Meiji restoration and revolution was still underway. The forces of imperialism gathered under Meiji’ rule and they manage to defeat the Tokugawa. Thereafter, the power passed to daimyo who was the leader of the revolution. Meiji retained his title and prowess as the emperor though the government had become an oligarchy comprising the political, economic, and greatest military men of Japan. Meiji himself was a symbol of leadership, and thus championed the peace restoration in his territory by assisting the imperialists defeat the Shoguanate. The Reign of Emperor Meiji When the emperor of Meiji was restored, Japanese State had a weak military. During this time, Japan was primarily an agricultural State with low levels of technological development. Many of the independent feud lords controlled the emperor. The western powers hard initially forced Japan to sign agreements that restricted its control over its own external trade. In this regard, they demanded that crimes touching on foreigners in Japan to face trial in the western courts, and not Japan. At the end of the Meiji emperor following his demise in 1912, Japan had improved in many ways (Herbert, 2000). They had a highly bureaucratic and centralized mode of government, and a constitution outlining the establishment of an elected parliament. In addition, they had a well-developed transport and communication network. They also had well-educated citizens free from feudal restrictions of class. Japan had established a rapidly growing industrial sector rooted on the latest advancement in technology. The establishment of powerful armed forces of the army and navy followed all these. By this time, Japan had completely regained foreign trade control and all the legal systems. It had established full self-governance and equality in almost all international affairs following its victory over the two wars. One of the wars was against Russia who was a major European power. Japan had gone past its goals in a less than a generation. In that process, it changed its society as a whole. Success in modernization of Japan has related interest in how and why it was in a position to adopt western social, political, and economic institutions within a very short time. The answer to this was found in Meiji restoration. The political revolution is what restored the emperor back to power and he did not rule directly. People expected him to listen to the advice of those who had overthrown the shogun. In this regard, small group of ambitious, patriotic, and able young men from the lower levels of samurai ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Important Was the Meiji Emperor in Shaping the Era of Change over Research Paper.
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