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In what way modernization change the political identity in modern Japan - Essay Example

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Historians argue that the restoration of Meiji is has immensely contributed to Japan’s state as it is today since it helped change the political,…
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Extract of sample "In what way modernization change the political identity in modern Japan"

Download file to see previous pages Historians have also stated that Japan was a country inn which political oppression and dictatorship reigned as citizens had no voice on political matters. In fact, those who dared to make any challenge had to bear the government’s wrath2. Nevertheless, this changed tremendously as Japan is today known to be the top upholders of democratic freedoms. The objective of this paper is to discuss how modernization has changed the political identity in the modern Japan.
The pace at which Japan has modernized itself has really taken many countries by surprise. It is reported that, like many other Asian countries, Japan retained its feudal system of government up to mid 19th century, after making itself one of the greatest economical power in Asia and beyond, up to the end of 20th century. Nevertheless, as the country struggled to modernize the society, two historical conversions took place, which made Japan what is today according to Furuya. Meiji Restoration of 1868 was the first conversion to take place in Japan it is noted that since then, Japan abandoned its traditional way of doing things while promoting modernization and industrialization3.
The second was the triumph of the World War II, which is also historical, as far as modernization of Japanese society is concerned. It is reported that after 1945, the GHQ reforms removed the old social systems as well as the national identity, an act rooted in the Meiji Restoration. As such, a post-war Japan was needed for the establishment of a democratic society, and to rebuild its national identity, so as to see Japan become a more democratic country4.
The Meiji restoration is said to have contributed a lot with regard to how it help mitigate the political threats that Japan faced from other foreign countries. It is reported that the Meiji leaders were aware of China’s fate and, therefore, appreciated that maintaining the status quo would lead to defeat and humiliation.5 These leaders were aware ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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