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How and why have the concepts of new waves or new generations been used in writing the histories of European or world cinema - Essay Example

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Different countries and societies are surrounded by many complexities, in their writing of cinematic history, due to the outlook of employing and challenging the theories of imagined communities and cultural identity. The exploration of the thematic emphasis of the histories…
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How and why have the concepts of new waves or new generations been used in writing the histories of European or world cinema
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Extract of sample "How and why have the concepts of new waves or new generations been used in writing the histories of European or world cinema"

Download file to see previous pages The review of world and Taiwanese cinema, in particular, reveals that there is an inherent relationship between historical intricacies and the melancholy of being Taiwanese, as demonstrated by the films produced under the Taiwanese new wave of Cinema.
In particular, the 1980s and 90s were the years that the writers of Taiwanese film used the media to communicate the cultural identity of the people, and also the time that the new wave and genre came to the attention of the world. The historical identities revealed in the cinematic presentation include the country’s connection to China, including their divergence on the legitimacy of China as a culture and a nation-state. The historical relations reflected through the new wave of cinema include the relocation of MinTang’s government, after the defeat that took place during the 1949s in China. In the view of Lu and Yeh, it is necessary to explore deeply, the language used in cinema, as well as the issues that identify it, including symbolism and language.1
This approach is particularly applicable to the exploration of resistance movies, as these are predominant in the new wave of cinema produced in Taiwan. In essence, the concepts of the new wave were used, because cinema is a symbolic language that is fashioned using cimenatic codes. These codes include lighting, performance, editing, sound and camera shooting, among others. The combined usage of these codes makes cinema a highly effective channel for the expression of identities at the various levels, including cultural, political, national or individualistic. The second qualifier for the usage of cinema is that the language used in cinema can be used to express the identities of the people. For example, it can be used in highlighting the theme of historical instability, as a reflection of political communication or meaning. In the particular case of Taiwan, language is likely to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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