Relationship between the three civilizations: ancient Greece, Greco Rome and medieval Europe - Essay Example

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Human civilization can be traced back to the Greece, Greco-Roman ancient times and medieval Europe. Modern art and architecture adapted many styles and ideas from ancient Greece and Rome, and medieval Europe. Greece is the hub of all modern cultures. …
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Relationship between the three civilizations: ancient Greece, Greco Rome and medieval Europe
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"Relationship between the three civilizations: ancient Greece, Greco Rome and medieval Europe"

Relationship between the three civilizations: ancient Greece, Greco Rome and medieval Europe

The ruins of the primordial world like Ephesus, Pergamum, Pompeii and Volubilus attest to the fact that the Greeks and Romans were exceptional builders. Tourist by the suck load today still give special and pure regard to the ruins in Athens and Rome. The buildings that were constructed at this ancient and medieval time have lasted and passed the test of time. In Medieval Europe around 1000-1300 A.D., however, the architectures and builders adapted the ancient Roman art and architecture, which they used in building historical landmarks The architecture of medieval Europe should be associated with genius. Matter of factly, people of medieval Europe and the Romans were exceptional builders. Their architecture was both tremendous and restrained.

Therefore, looking at ancient Greece, Greco Rome and medieval Europe; one sees a strong relationship between the three civilizations. The correlation between these civilizations can be attributed to Greece which was by far more civilized than Rome. Even so, after the fall of Greece, Rome ensured the survival of some of its cultural practices by adopting them. For instance, the Romans preserved the Greeks style of art by applying their ideas to create their own artistic expressions. In the same context, medieval Europe also ensured the survival of the Roman art by preserving it, after the fall of the Roman Empire. Read More
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