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The Role of Women in Ancient Greece and Egypt - Research Paper Example

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This paper compares the role of women considering different aspects of their life and proves that in Ancient Greece women’s life were severely controlled by men, while in Ancient Egypt, women had better position taking an active part in the political life of the country…
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The Role of Women in Ancient Greece and Egypt
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"The Role of Women in Ancient Greece and Egypt"

Download file to see previous pages In many countries, there is an opinion that women are even not so intelligent and do not possess the creative mind. Certainly, these wrong beliefs have been already disproved by the science after different investigations were held to prove that women and men do not differ much in their emotional behavior and possess the same intellectual and creative abilities. Many experts state that in many societies women are deliberately taught to be inferior and subordinate. These negative and destructive stereotypes are mainly maintained by men who try to save their privileged positions as more and more women in the world manage to overcome the influence of feminine teaching and take the place under the sun. Feminine teaching is different in different countries and has its roots in the country’s history. The given paper will consider the role of women in Ancient Greece and in Ancient Egypt. What is remarkable about Ancient Egypt is that in contrast to other ancient civilizations Egyptian women had the rights almost equal to men’s. ...
They could take many decisions independently. Egyptian women could apply to the court and appear in public. However, their appearance in public without men was still undesirable and they stayed home most of the time. Women could have different occupations, but their abilities still were limited and many of them were housewives. Some women could work in workshops and few of them could even occupy leading positions. The position of women in Egypt was better than in any other ancient state. Their position was described as follows: “Egyptian women, the mother that one respected above all, the women subject to a strict moral code, but granted a great freedom of expression -- her entire legal capacity, her shocking financial independence, the impact of her personality in family life and the management of common belongings and her own belongings” (Desroches Noblecourt, 1986).This was due to the fact that Egyptians had very special principles. The life in Ancient Egypt was focused on reaching happiness and pleasure and the family was considered to be the main source of this happiness. In the ancient world, the position of women in the family was determined as subordinate, but there were variations depending on the territory and the principles, which were maintained in this or that ancient state. The influence of such prejudices was stronger if the legislation created a strict distinction between men and women and their roles in the society and in the family. Marriage and family were always valued very high, but in many countries, women were considered to be just home servants. Children also had absolutely no rights and they got them only when they become adult. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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