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The Role of Women in Ancient Civilizations - Movie Review Example

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The object of analysis for the purpose of this paper is the film “The Ascent of Woman: 10,000 Year story” that discusses how civilization has contributed to the extraordinary advancement of humanity. Amanda opts to depict the advancement using the eyes of women. …
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Extract of sample "The Role of Women in Ancient Civilizations"

Download file to see previous pages The analyses and visitation of Amanda Foreman display the essence of forging for the rights of women. The experiences around gathered around the world tell about different society’s way of handling women.  The travels helped Amanda discover that there was no specific blueprint directed at helping women gain civilization. Ancient history gave no account of the experiences of women. Issues concerning gender inequality, patriarchy, civilization were interlinked. The early settlers in the ancient societies, for example, Egypt was permissive but women were extracted from the public view in Assyria and Athens. This was devastating considering the impact of women in the survival of the prejudiced men. The fascinating episodes covered illuminate the examination of the extraordinary women by Amanda in trying to obtain power (Foreman n.p).  The inspiration Amanda obtained was based on her observation of the lack of coverage about women in history. Every topic in history tends to sideline women as though they never existed yet they were directly involved or indirectly involved in shaping history. The purist to highlight the ancient struggles to the classical world is to define the extent women have been civilized.  It is imperative to not Amanda’s tracking techniques on the traditional history that was ignored and the need to illuminate the women who were silenced and seek to define the role of women in the ancient world (Fullman 30). The research conducted was extensive. Amanda revealed much when she read about the civil war. She found diaries and accounts by those who were present. There were exceptionally a lot of rape cases. The notion that there was none was misguided by the lack of agencies that receive such complaints. It would be absurd to record that soldiers conducted themselves exemplary yet they performed the heinous act of raping women during war anyhow (Bush, n.d). The revelations point’s women as subjects of sexuality as they place in the society are out of the picture in a male-dominated society. The male historian probably did not bother to highlight the women predicaments or silenced not to cover the experiences of the women. The southern women were highly disadvantaged as they did not have any authority to report the atrocities experienced (Foreman n.p). The trajectory followed illuminates the verge to achieve equality and justice for women. However, the ancient civilization was never at any point considering the injustice but rather continued with the oppression and offering relative freedom to women.  The firm illumination of the ancient women civilization indicates the way the societies had blinded its horizon in giving women a chance to be seen in society. The film coverage based on Amanda encounter displays the hidden side of the history of women and oppression. The fear of the men seeing women civilized was perhaps let by the need to have defined leadership roles and specific gender duties.  Subjecting women to underclass was done by men who viewed women as less superior and were confined into homes while men moved out of their homes to work and conquer (Fullman n.p). For example, during the civil war, it is evident that women suffered the most because they were expected to remain in homes taking care of children.  Little or no information was conveyed to them on the important issues happening that directly affect their lives. Amanda uses the example of failing and primitive agriculture that is often associated with women, however, if the agriculture blossoms, men from nowhere appear and claim the privilege.  The dominance of men in society and taking what is bests in the society show how women were worshiped when they are not doing well.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Role of Women in Ancient Civilizations Movie Review.
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