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This paper "When an Interview is Reliable" focuses on the fact that understanding what really happened during the holocaust is something that historians, researchers, and individuals who may be against or in favour of the Germans are interested in revealing during this modern age…
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When an Interview Is Reliable
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Cole did a very good job doing his researches and finding the ‘right people’ to speak within his documentary however, there are some points that could be brought into question.
First, Cole seemed to have already made up his conclusions that the holocaust stories published and witnessed by survivors are not true.

From his introductions about himself, he seemed to have gone to the concentration camps not to find proofs of what really happened but he went there to find proofs that will support his ideas and beliefs about the Holocaust. Secondly, he mentioned Dr Piper to have studied her spiel to be able to work there saying, “Dr Piper only repeats what she has been told”. How could one stand on the words of a person who has been taught what to say or not to say? I do not think the documentary would even be acceptable as a piece of informative record. The argument about Cole’s intentions in making the interview and video and the words of his interviewee are both questionable so I do not think the video qualifies as a reliable source of information. Read More
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(When an Interview Is Reliable Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 297 Words)
When an Interview Is Reliable Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 297 Words.
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