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Should executives use structured or unstructured interview formats when interviewing managers What are the positive and negative implications - Essay Example

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Research by the Merit Systems Protection Board in U.S indicates reliance of the executives on interviews to determine the best candidate for the managerial position. Structured interviews rely on mechanisms that enhance…
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Should executives use structured or unstructured interview formats when interviewing managers What are the positive and negative implications
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Extract of sample "Should executives use structured or unstructured interview formats when interviewing managers What are the positive and negative implications"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, Executives should use structured interview formats to interview their managers.
Structured interviews entail use of the interview questions written on a paper and the interviewer asks questions verbally noting down the answers. The script may be created in advance or may be given by the human resources department. The questions are structured in a predetermined format and are similar to all interviewees, in this case, interviewee are the managers. A structured interview allows the executive find out any information need remarkably quickly and determines the qualifications of the candidate to the next level. The executives will be released off the pressures since they will be aware of questions to ask, and the answers given by the managers will be reliably aggregated (Beebe, 2001).
Structured interview questions are based on the job analysis in order to ensure impartiality and fairness. The questions asked are critically analyzed and highly effective in evoking responses from managers to enable the decision making process. Every candidate is asked a similar question, and the rating scales are detailed to enhance the quantification of the subjective data. Professionalism is highly emphasized through training the executives interviewing the managers. The interview panels in a structured interview provide checks and balances where more than one member from the executive conducts the interview. Structured interviews ensure objective assessment of the responses from the managers based on the rating scale scores (Chiba, 2010).
The process of structured interview involves three main stages. The executive members perform different roles during the interview process. Firstly, before beginning any interview, determination of the scope of the interview is crucial. The number of managers in the appointment process is discussed. Review of the crucial documents forming the basis of the interview like the job description and competency profile enhances ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should Executives Use Structured or Unstructured Interview Formats Essay.
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