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The objective of the present document "African American Slavery" is to provide an overview for a speech aimed to spread the awareness of the history of slavery in America. The presentation includes various citations to conducted studies on the topic…
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African American Slavery
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Preview statement: Today, I am going to discuss the origin of slaves, the process of its abolition and education the blacks received during the time of slavery.
According to Williams (1994), slaves were introduced after people started a settlement in the United States. Slavery had started in Europe spreading to other areas like the United States. Zeller (2007) argued that need to have more slaves made slave hunters move into Africa looking for more slaves.
According to De La Torre (1994), 10 millions of African slaves were taken to America. As the slaves were taken to America, many of them suffered from mistreatment, lack of food and other forms of pain that we can only imagine the. Iliffe (2005) affirmed that slaves were given no respect but treated as commodities with many being tortured, made to work for long hours and forced into marriages.
The end of slavery is a major historical landmark for African Americans. According to Finkelma (2001), Slavery in the United States came to its end in the 1770s in many of the American states. Berkin et al. (2010) wrote that many slave owners were not happy with slaves being freed, particularly in the South. The end of slavery represents a combined effort from some white people who believed in freedom. According to Guelzo (2009), President Abraham Lincoln signed the emancipation of slaves marking an end to slavery in the United States. As a result of this emancipation, slaves were now free to engage in other work of choice.
Despite the lack of freedom, slaves were keen on being educated. During the start of slavery, slave owner provided slaves with education. Katz-Hyman and Rice (2011) reported that many whites denied slave education after a repeated rebellion. Despite this, many still taught one another using Christian literature such as the Catechism.
In America, there was a debate on whether it was necessary to educate the slaves while in an integrated environment. Whereas some believed that it was right to seclude blacks, the supreme ruling in the Brown vs Board of Education changed the education of the blacks. According to Schulz (2011), the ruling made the black and white receive education in the same schools.
Black people were taken to the United Slaves in large number to work on farms. However, the plight of slaves and the roles of abolitionist like Abraham Lincoln made slavery come to end. Slave education despite being poor allowed slaves to read Christian literature, but the Brown vs Board of Education was a major breakthrough that allowed black to receive education in the same schools with the whites.
This account of slavery has enhanced our understanding of the struggle that many went through to achieve freedom.
Tie to the attention-getter: Without a doubt, slavery was a cruel practice that brought suffering with it. However, are we ready to give freedom to others going through other forms of suffering today?   Read More
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